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I also checked with the simple Q&A guys in d20 gaming and they confirmed that my interpretation of hide in plane sight is proper and that you do not need cover or concealment as long as you fit the requirements of using hide in plane sight in this case be in natural terrain.
Funny, Your Q&A guys contradict the rules text as written in the SRD and in the PHB. But let's not get sidetracked, just state in the Sniper's special ability what You want it to do.

Concerning Your solution of the Power Shot problem, yes, this prevents the character overkill in one round, at least for large hit dice characters. I still think additional multiplication of crit damage is too hard. I don't know the PHBII, so no comments on the Telling Blow feat, but with the Power shot allowing monstrous amounts of crit damage it's still overpowered. Make it "double the Sneak Attack damage dice" and it will be powerfull enough, more than even.