For Debihuman

The Half-breed republic.

Symbol Three swords with the points touching.

Motto "So that the Half-elves, and the half orcs, and the half others have a home."

Background. Many half-elves manage to integrate into communities. They are the lucky ones, other half elfs, among half orcs, and tieflings find no permanent homes. Tired of being bereft a group of mixed races banded together on hilly lands, creating the half breed republic.

Enemies, Allies The Half-breed republic counts among it's enemies Slythian wizards, and others obsessed with racial purity. It's allies include all those who want others to find a home.

Type Tribe Racial

Size 14 (Continental)

Affiliation criteria

Criterion Affiliation score modifier
Character level +1/2 per level
Charisma 13 or higher +1 modifier
Wealth +1 per 20000 gp.
Landowner +2
Lives in unfavorable area -2

Score Title Benefit
Refugee 3 or lower None
Newblood 4-14 Rent free use of a small flat in a undesirable neighborhood.
Voter 15-29 Claim audience once a month
Noble 30 Monument your affiliation, a grateful populace, or a coterie of rich, adoring sycophants erect an obelisk, a dolmen garden, or a statue in your honor, granting you a +2 bonus to your Leadership score and a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks when dealing with people who have seen your monument