Hello there esteemed artists. Now that he game I use my current avatar in has truly died and gone to dust to the forgotten caverns of GitP archived threads I find myself wanting a new avatar. AS luck would have it I have a funny little character in my current 5e roll20 game named Twoflower Jem, the slightly wise but always cheating, pink, fluffy and happy go lucky wild magic sorcerer lightfoot halfling that likes to dig using mold earth to create halfing housing, or by abusing the message cantrip with memes to make life hell for enemies. She is frequently seen standing smirking while playing with her twofaced coin (her Arcane Focus), if she isn't hiding on someone else's person. She also likes to gamble during which she is most certainly cheating.

so in short:

  • Lightfoot halfling (about 20 y/o)
  • Wild magic sorcerer (5e)
  • Two-faced golden coin as focus
  • standing 3' tall
  • pink robes
  • pink, very fluffy hair (and cute as a button)
  • smirking
  • posing leaning against a wall of sorts in a leisure manner
  • with some gp falling from her hands

So... any takers? any additional questions?