Ninja_Prawn-The Fey Creators

Renown Title
1 Grass
5 Flower
10 Fern
25 Tree
30 Forest

Motto-"Create beauty in the world."

Beliefs-The Fey Creators believe in beauty and construction, never ceasing their attempts to create more and more in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Composition-The Fey Creators consist of various fey creatures, from elves to nymphs to dryads, but rarely do they have class levels. They instead prefer to focus their efforts away from combat.

Goals-Create, always.

Typical Quests-Gather rare dyes, rescue a lost craftsmen, recover an ancient artifact of great quality and beauty.

Benefits of Rank

Grass-Treated with some measure of respect, and sold common goods among the Fey Creators.

Flower-Treated as an equal (almost), and allowed access to rarer goods and teachers.

Fern-Finally treated as a true equal, allowed to barter for unique goods and master mentors.

Tree-Allowed to commission works.

Forest-Only accessible to those who have created something truly beautiful, and still possess creative spark. Able to rally the Fey Creators for massive projects, great works of immense power and quality.