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Finally, one that snags my attention. Posting permission; bonus points for doing it as a Tradition, martial or otherwise - though you'd have to write new rules for a non-martial one.
The Knife Dancers

Alignment: Any, typically nonlawful

Symbol: A circle formed of knives or a single dagger etched with images of dancers

Oath: "I swear to walk the edge of the knife. I swear to live an interesting life. I swear that I will let no boredom nor latency ascribe my steps. I dance upon the edge of a blade, and I long for the day I fall off."

Allegiance Benefit: Each morning, the allegiant chooses one of the following: Initiative, Fortitude, Reflex, Will, or AC. So long as the allegiant remains in good standing with the Knife Dancers, they gain a +1 luck bonus to the chosen statistic for 24 hours. This bonus increases by +1 at 6th level and every 6 levels thereafter. The allegiant may change the beneficiary of their luck bonus once per day.

Description: The knife dancers are a loose organization of thrill seekers, performers, stuntmen and adventurers. Some would call them adrenaline junkies or death seekers, and in many cases this would be true. Members of the Knife dancers seem to draw power from danger itself, when faced with impossible tasks, they always rise to the occasion. This comes with its own drawbacks however, as they must continually seek out new dangers against which to test themselves, or they risk losing their edge.

Knife Dancers are expected to meet once a year at a nearby lodge to share stories of their experiences and provide proof of their claims. Those that are unable to make it are typically presumed dead until evidence indicates otherwise. The Knife Dancers are known to have a high attrition rate.

The lodges are responsible for collecting and storing trinkets and tokens that are tied to the exploits of Knife Dancer members. The staff ritually cares for and catalogs each item, as the Knife Dancers believe that it is these items that give them their incredible luck.

Common Tasks: The only tasks expected of a Knife Dancer are those of thrill seeking, discovery and the overcoming of ever greater obstacles. Because the knife dancers believe that they need to constantly fuel their collective luck with the power of new tales of success, this has become their primary, and nearly sole, focus.

Available Services: Knife Dancer members are always welcome at their lodges, where they are guaranteed a good price on a (relatively) safe place to eat and rest. Members are always willing to swap rumors and stories about thrilling places to visit, dangerous monsters, and long lost treasures, so the lodge serves as a good location to find new places to test their skills.