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Funny, Your Q&A guys contradict the rules text as written in the SRD and in the PHB. But let's not get sidetracked, just state in the Sniper's special ability what You want it to do.
They gave me mixed answers (so you where right and wrong and so was I)

But I made this hide in plain sight work like the shadow dancer classes hide in plain sight (I'm pretty sure I actually copied and replaced) and that hide in plain sight does not require any cover.

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Concerning Your solution of the Power Shot problem, yes, this prevents the character overkill in one round, at least for large hit dice characters. I still think additional multiplication of crit damage is too hard. I don't know the PHBII, so no comments on the Telling Blow feat, but with the Power shot allowing monstrous amounts of crit damage it's still overpowered. Make it "double the Sneak Attack damage dice" and it will be powerfull enough, more than even.
Really I understand where you are concerned however you need 14 strength to do double, and 16 to do triple and that is the max crit on most bows (I need to clarify that ability a wee bit it doesn’t allow any extra damage over your crit multiplier of your weapon)

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Dead-aim---- i think this should be a standard action.
As for power shot-- personallyy i believe it should be the bows crit modifier or the str modifier (whichever is lower) otherwise the sneak attack damage could be multiplied by 10..... i don't think there's any reason it should be able to do that
The sneak attack damage--- i think it should stack with other class's sneak attack (it isn't stated) however, when making a 30+ ft sneak attack, it should be limited to the sniper sneak attack.
Well Dead aim is now restricted so in my opinion its is ok and does not require a standard action it more or less represents the way your first shot in a volly will always be your best.
As I said above that is what i meant (and may be the problem people are having) so ill be changing that now.
I need to add that wording forgot about that (once again what i meant) and that is the normal sneak attack wording (last time i checked) and the only thing that alows you to ignore that 30ft restriction is the sniper shots

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I love the class, in fact i was planning on making a ranged fighter type and i might use this class after a few modifications
Im actualy supprised how many people like this class