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    Bloom is a tall birdgirl priestess-in-training. She travels by spaceship and her weapon is its 460mm cannon.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Engineered Mutant Human
    Age: Bloom looks to be about 18. She's looked that way for a while, and it'll be decades before she seems any older. Universitariat Assistants grow quickly to maturity, then age slowly. As Istubeal said, "The first feathered assistant I grew lived for one hundred and ten years before her heart gave out. I think I have corrected that flaw..." ((Has been out of her pod since April 22, 2015))
    Alignment: Blue, Neutral Good. Everyone should strive to be good, whether they follow the playful fox or the stern moon. She has a bit of a lawful bent, equating wrongdoing most with dereliction of duty and breaking your word...but there are times for all things.
    Profession: Priestess-in-training, space-sailor
    Power Rating: D- or 2. Bloom has some magical powers but is no real danger unless at the controls of a complex aircraft.
    Description: Bloom has a sharp face, a hawk's orange eyes, and a crest of bright green feathers where a normal human might have a head of hair. Less vibrant feathers in speckled grey and green cover most of her golden skin. 6'9" tall, of solid build.
    Personality: Curious and idealistic. Nice enough, but greedy if she thinks she can get away with it. Prone to using strange metaphors.
    Equipment: A backpack. A radio. A little glazed clay jug. Wearing a light blue robe with a light blue sash and a metal necklace depicting a fox head on one side and a stalk of rice on the other.
    Abilities: Weak holy magic. Feeding the hungry, but not parting the seas or raising the dead.
    She can always: Pour out endless water from her jug, make a ball of foxfire appear to light the way, and stop someone from bleeding to death.
    She can occasionally: Heal the injured, hold someone in place, make plants sprout up to grow around someone, create a bit of food and drink, and summon a fox-spirit from the celestial realms to help.
    Backstory: Once, the Mote rescued the crew of a vessel that was cast adrift. The lost captain, Flesh-Wizard Istubeul, bestowed a number of gifts upon his rescuers. One of those was an egg that hatched into Bloom. Born and raised in the Ways, she came down to earth to join the clergy of Inari, as the Mote's home port is a rice-farming nation, and the clever, quick-growing bird girl was judged to be the best neutral party to take the position.

    Spoiler: The Wizard, on Salmagundi Station

    Motioning the bivalve/arthropod forward, Istubael opens the shell by gently stroking the edge and looks inside. There's several visible compartments, though only one is actually open at present- the rest are behind puckered sphincter muscles. "I have... Three assistants, two with the chlorophyll adaptation and one with feathers. Two bodyguards, with thick armour plating, powerful muscles and monomolecular claws. I'm keeping one of those. Two crustaceapods, like this one. Five venom-worms for personal defence. One cat with heat-sensing pits, ideal for hunting down space-vermin, and a riding tortoise. And yes, organic radio. Like the one I used to communicate with you en route. True telepathy we have yet to achieve, though the Spiritualists claim it is possible, and that they have achieved it with their mentalist programmes and neurological enlightenment- whatever that means." Istubael is trying to ignore the fact that the only thing protecting him from naked space is dead metal. Quite how the Technocracy trusts themselves to travel in space within dead machinery is beyond him. His servant girls, being members of a cloned slave-caste, know only what Istubael has taught them.

    If the life-pods are retrieved, since they have no on-board steering mechanisms of their own, once they detect a breathable atmosphere they burst, leaving behind the Flesh Wizard; he's as described, quite handsome, and wearing long, red silk robes with deep pockets filled with tools made from bone, leather and wood, no metal or stone. He looks to be in his mid-twenties. His two servants are very different; one is green-skinned, short and slender, with red eyes and white hair, wearing a simple cotton dress made from a single strip of material with a hole cut in the middle for the neck; she's bare up the sides, and it ends high on her legs. The other is just shorter than Istubael, naked besides thick orange fur growing from her head down her back, across her belly and halfway down her thighs. Her bare skin is deep orange, and her eyes are piercing yellow cat's eyes. Both look to be in their late teens, and resemble Istubael enough to point towards sharing some DNA. The other is non-humanoid, a big bivalve shell held opening-upwards on the back of a twelve-legged arthropod. A seperate head-section bears a pair of massive compound eyes and a pair of heavy mandibles. The first pair of legs end in complex manipulators resembling both human hands and spiders, with most fingers tapering to a fine point.

    At the moment, Flesh-Wizard, clone-servants and the walking repository of everything a genetic engineer needs to get themselves set up, is shivering and retching, adjusting to the trauma of awakening from emergency hibernation within a lifebuoy for three years. Istubael knows how long they drifted for, but it doesn't really matter. They're alive, and emergency hibernation is an efficient stasis-state so they haven't actually aged those three years.

    "The bioluminescense is easy. The symbiote will naturally bond with your epidermis. It will take some effort to learn how to control it, however. Do you have any patterns or colours in mind? The radio symbiote will need surgical implantation at the top of the spine, just below the skull. Does your vessel have a surgical room?" He reaches into the bivalve shell. "The feathered assistant will be female; that's how I prefer them, and I wrote their genetic code. She should reach physical maturity in three months. Mental maturity is reached in approximately a week. It needs to learn everything, but is smart and won't take long to teach. I've put the egg into the incubation chamber, it should hatch within the hour. Would you like her immediately upon hatching, or would you prefer to wait until tomorrow? In the incubation chamber, the crustaceapod will increase her growth and teach her how to walk, bypassing approximately a month's worth of natural growth, or three year's worth of growth for an unaltered human." Also going into the incubation chamber is a bodyguard egg.

    "I have not been trained in the specialised biology needed for a space-jump, and therefore do not know how to replicate the event that transported me here. So, here I shall remain. Does this station have an area that was grown, not built? I do not like all this dead metal and unfeeling machinery." The chances of being picked up in a lifebuoy at all after it has performed an emergency spacejump are incredibly small; lifebuoys don't have any sensory organs, and are limited to blind jumps in random directions. That's why they only do so if they feel immediately and gravely threatened.

    "Red and yellow I can do. I'm glad you didn't ask for green. How long will it take to secure a surgical chamber? She will live for a long time. We have increased the rate of growth until physical maturity, but then she will stabilise and age far slower.
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