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Krimm Blackleaf. Now that is a name I've not heard in a long time.

For this beastie, I'd say he's got the oomph in a straightforward brawl to merit CR20, but his defenses are lacking against anything that doesn't just come right up and try to melee him. His Perception is low enough that anyone with a decent stealth investment and a ranged weapon is going to give him trouble. He can't fly and his ranged options are fairly short. Perhaps most glaring of all is his abysmal +13 Will save. Non-mind-affecting Will-save spells are going to ruin his day, such as Plane Shift, Imprisonment, and Trap The Soul.

Perhaps he could do with a splash of Diamond Mind maneuvers? Hearing The Air and Moment of Perfect Mind would go a ways to shoring up his defenses. Of course, the more straightforward thing would just be to give him passively improved animal senses (he's sort of animaly, so its not unjustified) and a Will bonus. But martial disciplines are fancier.
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Going to agree with Xefas on the defenses being lacking; I just wanted to clear up muddy subjects I saw was in what you had written up and didn't feel it was my place to mention he was kind of fragile.

Unfortunately, I don't know Path of War to know if there are similar Diamond Mind maneuvers. Regardless, I'd suggest against cluttering Ludwig up by requiring subsystem knowledge and just give him these kinds of abilities baked in.
I couldn't agree more. I could definitely strengthen his defenses in an all-round sort of way, instead of just against your average Hunter. I'll work on it now and post again when I've modified him. I can think of a few things that relate directly to his strength as a melee combatant with a holy sword(Note: Ludwig's class skills are all Paladin class skills, not that of a monstrous humanoid). That being said, I have been trying to avoid Path of War ever since I got into Pathfinder. That may sound blasphemous, but sometimes I wonder if ToB was always just a crutch for me...

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Heh, excellent. I think you captured Ludwig quite well. I do think he could do with improved Will saves, though.

Now I want to see Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. That was one of the more... visually interesting fights, after all.
I was actually thinking of trying to compose a series of human characters from Bloodborne, using base classes and adding their own unique flairs. Lady Maria is the first on my list.