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Thread: Evolving Slaadi Hybrids: a Challenge!

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    Faerie Slaad
    Faerie slaad are wild, capricious beings who view rules as utterly boring and therefore seek to break them at every opportunity. It is totally impossible to predict what a faerie slaad will do, and the older they get the more glee they take in confounding expectations. A faerie slaad will not simply do the thing you least expected; it will lure you into thinking that it isn't going to not do something, then not avoid doing it before you've sorted out all the double-bluffs in your head!

    Faerie slaad change in colour as they get older, going through all the colours of the rainbow. Young hatchlings start out red, then they go though yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue. Particularly venerable faerie slaad go back to pink, but are also permanently invisible. Only green faerie slaad are capable of reproduction (which they perform by laying eggs); greens are also incapable of spellcasting, as they must devote some of their energy to laying eggs and raising hatchlings.

    Although they are not usually malicious, faerie slaad care little for the lives of humanoids and may be a deadly threat if they decide a spot of violence would be funny.

    Spoiler: Red Faerie Slaad

    Spoiler: Yellow Faerie Slaad

    Spoiler: Pink Faerie Slaad

    Spoiler: Green Faerie Slaad

    Spoiler: Purple Faerie Slaad

    Spoiler: Orange Faerie Slaad

    Spoiler: Blue Faerie Slaad

    Spoiler: Invisible Pink Faerie Slaad
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