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    Guide to the Order Grand Alliance
    Part 1; Traits & Stormcast Eternals

    Disclaimer; These Guides will not feature any references to Compendium/Legacy units. You can't buy them anymore, so it would be disingenuous to recommend them in any capacity. If you've already got some, then you probably already know how good they are.

    Spoiler: Allegiance Abilities
    Battle Trait: All of your models within 12" of any General or Hero can re-roll Battleshock Tests. While this Trait appears exceptionally good, because Battleshock removes models, regardless of number of Wounds and with no save. If you know what's good for you, you should already be building around not taking Battleshock as few times as possible. You should already be doing this, not to mention the default Command Ability, Inspiring Presence. On paper, this looks like one of the better Battle Traits. In practice, it isn't, because you're Order, and you should already be mitigating Battleshock as much as possible.
    As more and more post-TGH Battletomes get released with their own Battle Traits, this Trait will quickly fall by the wayside. Unless you're not actually interested in playing one Faction and one Faction only; Because Grand Alliance. It's in the name.

    Command Traits
    1. Use two Command Abilities in the same turn. Or Inspiring Presence, twice - see what I mean about the Battle Trait?
    2. Re-roll Battleshock within 24" of your General. Or you can simply take more than one Hero and use your Battle Trait like you're supposed to.
    3. Units within 10" of your General can re-roll Run and Charge moves. That's more like it.
    4. +1 Wound. *vomit*
    5. Your General gets +1 Attack with any weapon of his choosing in the combat phase. Better than Battleshock which you do anyway.
    6. 6++.

    Overall, not a good Table. But, if you're using the Grand Alliance and not a single Battletome, you're already cheesing the poop out of the game anyway. It's not like you'll need an extra Trait to make your army more broken.

    Artifacts of Order
    Note; Never random roll your Artifacts if you have a choice.
    Quicksilver Potion; Once per game, your Hero activates in the combat phase, first. Even if it's not even your turn. This is very good for getting the most out of your Hero with only one Wound left.
    Obstinate Blade; Increase the Rend on one of your weapons by 1. Not bad.
    Relic Blade; Increase the Damage on your Melee weapon by 1. This is much better.
    Hoarfrost; Any model wounded by this weapon gets -1 To Hit for the rest of the game. Neat.
    Talisman of Blinding Light; Once per game, in your combat phase, enemies are -1 To Hit against your Hero.
    Phoenix Stone; Regenerate a Wound per turn.

    Some good ones, some bad ones. All of them have their effectiveness altered by what Hero that they're on, and who they're against. You get one Artifact, and may take an additional Artifact for each Warscroll Battalion in your army. So, if you can find a nice Battalion that you want, you get a second Artifact for free. Nice.

    Stormcast Eternals

    Celestant-Prime: 8 Wounds, 3+ Save. Throws out Mortal Wounds like a boss. He isn't set up at Deployment. Instead, he can be held in Reserve, and for each turn he is held in Reserve, he gains +2 Attacks in Melee. Then he does a Superhero Entrance, at least 9" away from enemy models, and all enemy models within 12" of the Prime have -2 Bravery. In fairness, he's a beast in combat doing -3 Rend and 3 Damage per hit. Unfortunately, he's 360 Points and doesn't come with a Command Ability (aside from Inspiring Presence). So, while he's nice to have in larger games, he shouldn't be your first choice. You can if you want, there's nothing wrong with The Hammer of Sigmar, it's just that there's a better choice or two for Generals for the Stormcasts.

    Lord-Celestant on Dracoth: 7 Wounds, 3+ Save. Only slightly worse than the Prime for over 100 Points less. He's not quite as strong as the Prime in Melee (depending on how long you kept the Prime in Reserve), but he's still pretty strong. His Tempestos Hammer is the best weapon, but, if you're going heavy on Stormcast Eternal units, he gets +1 Attack with the Thunderaxe for every SE unit around him, which makes it solid. The Lord-Celestant has Inspiring Presence up to 11. No SE units within 24" take Battleshock at all. This will be pretty important, later on. Basically, this guy should probably be your first choice for General. You can work your way up to a Stardrake later on.

    Lord-Celestant: The one on foot is a lot less good than the one on Dracoth. He only has 5 Wounds, and still throws out Mortal Wounds per turn, just not as many, and a lot more randomly. His Command Ability is that SE models within 9" get +1 To Hit. Not a strong choice.

    Lord-Castellant: Has an extra Wound over the Celestant and his main weapon is slightly better (the Lord-Celestant has two weapons). He has a hate-on for Chaos and even more for Chaos Daemons, able to throw out Mortal Wounds without even rolling against those units. If you're not up against Chaos, he starts buffing SE units. You get +1 to your save rolls, and, if you roll a '7' for your Save, you heal a Wound from a model. It's not as strong as it sounds.

    Lord-Relictor: Not great. Throws out Mortal Wounds or heals a unit. Otherwise he's about as good as the Celestant. No Command Ability, but he gets not!Magic (i.e; His 'spells' can't be Unbound), and he even costs less than the Celestant.

    Knight-Azyros: SE units that Lightning Strike (see later) can set up anywhere within 5" of an Azyros, even if that would put them within 9" of an enemy unit. Once per game, he can put D3 Mortal Wounds on a unit, or D6 if they're Chaos.
    Alliance-Wide Buff: All Shooting attacks against enemy models within 10" of an Azyros have +1 To Hit.

    Knight-Venator: 'The Shooty One'. The Venator's Bow is fairly solid, and the Star-Eagle on is pretty deadly. Once per game, you can make one attack, that does 3 Damage, or D3+3 against a Hero or Monster. Sure, you hit on a 2+, but you can still roll a '1', or fail To Wound. For 120 Points? It's asking a lot. If you want the Venator to be any good, you're going to have to pair him with another model or unit, and that's more points.

    Knight-Vexillor: SE's within 12" can re-roll Charge. Once per game, deal Mortal Wounds. But, the real bonus is his Teleport. Pick an SE unit, anywhere on the board, remove it, and then set it up anywhere else you want, only 3" away from enemy models. This is an extraordinarily strong ability, even if you can only do it once. The problem with the Vexillor is that he's 200 Points, while a Lord-Celestant on Dracoth in only 20 Points more. So yeah. This model is stupid strong. Once per game. And he's 200 Points. Well worth it though. Problem is, nearly all Stormcast Eternal units are expensive.

    Knight-Heraldor: Pick an SE unit in the Hero Phase, that unit can Run/Retreat and Charge in the same turn. Nice. It's not even a Command Ability. In addition, he can cause Mortal Wounds against units in Terrain, and that's nice. At only 120 Points, you may not even want to gouge your eyes out to get him!

    Liberators: 2 Wounds and 2 attacks each is pretty strong. The 4+ Save is also good. What's not so good, is the Bravery 6. Bravery <7 on multi-wound models is really bad, because Battleshock doesn't care how many Wounds you have. The 100/5 price tag is also pretty steep, since you definitely want more than 5 models in any given unit, which basically take the unit to 200/10, which will give you an extra Grandweapon to do extra Damage. It's a very nice unit, but you'll want to avoid Battleshock like the plague. Maybe if there was some way you could make your SE's not take Battleshock at all?

    Judicators: 'The Shooty Ones'. Again, Bravery 6. You'll want to look into that. All Judicators re-roll 1s when attacking Chaos models in the Shooting phase. As with all shooty units, the better one is usually the one with 24" range, unless it has significant bonuses, which the Judicators' alternate weapon, doesn't have. At 160/5, these are even more expensive than Liberators. You aren't going to need more than one unit of Judicators, and then just spam whatever else your Battleline requirement is with Liberators.

    Prosecutors (Hammers): Liberators that Fly. They can also throw their Hammers. Unfortunately, at 100/3, their price tag is pretty bad...and again with the Bravery 6.
    Prosecutors (Javelins): These aren't even close to Judicators that Fly. Fortunately, at 80/3 (i.e; 160/6) their price tag is actually worth paying, since they're cheaper than Judicators and can actually move around the board. Also, and this is never going to get old; Bravery <7 on multi-wound models is bad. Make sure that there's something in your army fixing Battleshock.

    Retributors: Now with 3 Wounds...and Bravery 7! We've arrived. On a '6' To Hit, they deal 2 Mortal Wounds. Their special weapon is 'Just do D3 MWs. Don't even roll.' Retributors are fantastically strong, and at 220/5, they'd want to be (these will not be trying to score, don't bother with 440/10).

    Decimators: 3W, B7. Slightly cheaper than Retributors, but not as good. They gain extra attacks for each enemy model within range, but that just means that they're garbage at fighting large, single targets. Against large-count units, you can use any other SE unit that carries 2 Attacks base, for cheaper. Seriously. Liberators are half the cost, and Battleline.

    Protectors: Your Monster hunters. In addition, enemy shooting attacks are at -1 To Hit, making them even more survivable (as if 3 Wounds wasn't enough). Decimators aren't good at fighting single targets. Well, if Protectors are Monster hunters, wouldn't that make them bad at fighting hordes? ...Not even remotely my friend. Protectors have 3 Attacks each. Because screw you, that's why. At 200/5, they're quite good.

    Gryph-Hound: The Dog, the Myth, the Legend. A Gryph-Hound gets better if it's near a Lord-Castellant, but no-one cares about that model. You aren't paying an exorbitant price for the Lord-Castellant, you're paying for GRYPHDOG. For 40 Points, set up Gryphdog as close to your best and most shootiest unit you own. If any enemy unit sets up nearer than 10" to Gryphdog, roll 2D6. Any unit within that many inches to the enemy unit, can shoot at the set up unit, as though it were their Shooting phase. Gryphdog doesn't give an Interceptor bubble around himself, no, Gryphdog gives an Interceptor bubble around the enemy unit. All units within range of the unit can make a Shooting attack. Gryphdog just barks. Arf! Arf! Arf! Or whatever sound a Gryphdog makes. Now, there aren't a lot of units in AoS that can set up closer than 9" to enemy models, but the ones that do, are real pains in the arse. Gryphdog is also fantastic against Summoning, since Summoners generally want to put their new units right in your face...And when that happens, Gryphdog barks and the intruders get shot in the face. By everything.
    If you're playing Order, a Gryph-Hound is almost mandatory in any army you make. It's only 40 Points. How are you not!?

    Warscroll Battalions
    Warrior Brotherhood: So you read the Knight-Azyros, and were like "What's Lightning Strike?", this is. Bring an arse-ton of units. Each unit gets +1 Bravery if there's another SE unit within 6". Yay! Bravery 7 (and 8)! Any unit in the Battalion does not have to set up during deployment. Instead, they can come down anywhere - at any time - more than 9" away from enemy models. Did you bring your Knight-Azyros? If a unit from this Battalion is within 8" of two other units from the Battalion, re-roll 1s To Wound. Your minimum buy-in for this Battalion is close to 1500 Points, easy.

    The Skyborne Slayers: Any unit from this Battalion can choose to not deploy. Instead, pick a point on the battlefield, for the rest of the game, models from this Battalion must arrive within 12" of that point, and only 5" away from enemy models. This is not Lightning Strike. In addition, models from this Battalion don't take Battleshock Tests. You did it. *Slow clap*. You magnificent bastards. You did it. We finally got there. Yes. Yeesss! ...The minimum buy-in is 1020 Points. So take that, 1000 Point games.

    Extremis Chambers

    Spoiler: They're still Stormcasts
    Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (B): 600 Points. Hot damn. 16 Wounds, with a 3+ Save, re-rolling 1s. If the re-roll turns into a successful save, deal a Mortal Wound to the enemy unit. If a model the Stardrake is fighting has <6 Wounds on their profile, the 'Drake can just eat them. The Stardrake can also bring the lightning, and start smashing stuff with Mortal Wounds. Funny story, though. The Stardrake is better than the Lord-Celestant. If you read closely, you'll see that the Stardrake has the Command Ability, not the guy on top. All your SE 'beasts' on the board can re-roll To Wound with their animal weapons.
    Wizards in your army can +/- 1 to their casting rolls. But there are much cheaper ways of getting this exact bonus.

    Drakesworn Templar (B): 500 Points isn't better. It's basically the same as the Lord-Celestant - including +1 to cast for Wizards - except lacks a fixed Command Ability, and correspondingly, the Templar isn't as good as the Lord-Celestant in combat. But that's not what's important. You're paying for the Stardrake.

    Lord-Celestant on Dracoth: TGH says you can take one under the Extremis Chambers. But it doesn't matter. It's not like Extremis has a unit that turns Battleline if you have Allegiance. The only keywords you really need to look for are Stormcast Eternals. Which everything has anyway.

    Fulminators: 5 Wounds, 3+ Save. Bravery 7. Great. +1 Save during the Shooting phase. 240/2 is still real steep, and you shouldn't do it.
    Tempestors: Ditto. But with Crossbows. The unit they shoot at gets -1 To Hit until your next turn. 240/2 is still real steep, and you shouldn't do it.
    Concussors: Ditto. They stun their target in Melee, hence the name. The Dracoths in this unit, however, are much better, just straight up doing MWs. 240/2...
    Desolators: Ditto. If there are four models in the unit, they get an extra attack, if there are six models in the unit, they get another one. 280/2 makes me want to cry.

    If you play Order, but aren't interested in Stormcasts, the Knight-Azyros, and Gryph-Hound are still massive, individual force multipliers, and you should definitely look into them. Other SE multipliers only help other SE units, and you don't need to worry.
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