While she's utterly out of place in a frou-frou get together like this, Brin enjoys three significant advantages. First, as a theoretical member of the Church of Pharasma, it's perfectly acceptable for her to wear clerical vestments in just about any setting, from the sewage-stained cobbles of Underbridge to...will...here. The lavengerds, violets, and grey of the order were a safe fashion choice in any setting.

Second was the late Lord Foxglove's magical hat. Seeing as Brin didn't actually own any 'proper' vestments, it was quite handy. Particularly since she had not intention of wearing 'proper' vestments, and commissioning the flowing silk skirt that trailed several feet in her wake, the tightly fitted top with the plunging neckline the cloth of silver embellishments, and the black ermine scarf would have cost her a goodly portion of her savings otherwise. Only the complicated plaiting of her auburn hair is real--and rather pricey, as hairstyles go--though the opal-embellished silver fillet holding it together was the enchanted hat itself. In actual fact, Brin is wearing little more than a clean tunic and well-patched leggings.

The ever so slight stumble in Brin's gait as she's lead down the corridor to the party reveals her third advantage. A quarter bottle of absinthe goes a long way towards calming the nerves. Though it can be a dangerous strategy on an empty stomach--especially for someone how has been fasting for a day in anticipation of the Lord-Mayor's spread.

Brin digs into the array of delicacies with a gusto that contrasts with fat Lord Gorby's restraint. The ham she favors with special attention, it being the king of all meats, and she piles a triple serving onto her plate before moving on to build upon that foundation with at least one of everything else. Given the abandon with which Brin shovels food into her maw, it's quite fortunate that illusory clothing doesn't stain, and that there's no actual corset to burst under the pressure of her repast.

Well, perhaps there is a fourth advantage: a complete lack of shame.