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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Hey there here is the layout for my request and this is my first request post (so bottom of order list).

    Name: Rorin J. Loewrell
    Race: Human
    Class: Wizard 1 / Rogue 1 / Fighter 1
    Gender: Male
    Skin: Tan
    Hair: Brown. Curly (or whatever is easier for you).

    I would like to have him looking at a open glowing scroll with his other hand scratching his head in confusion. The one eyebrow raised kind of confusion.

    Skyrimish robes (green and brown and gold colors) with boots.

    Notable Items/Features (Wish List):

    • Glasses with one lens cracked
    • Backpack peeking over one shoulder with random things pocking out
    • Longsword sheathed at his waist
    • Amulet of some arcane origins
    • Several candles floating about him.
    • Animated Wood Dragon Headed Staff standing beside him while looking at the dabbler in shock

    Oh and thank you whoever your are most divine Artisan, may the dice roll forever towards laughter.
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