While the tiefling had had the better part of a week to become accustomed to the rather shameless outfit that they'd taken from Xanesha's still warm body, even she had the sense to try to obtain something formal for the feast. Unfortunately, contacting Rynshinn in Sandpoint to have her make something that would be viable in a week's time was out of the question, so the tiefling had to make do with a rush job to have a simple, formal kimono sewn by a local tailor. In truth, it was actually almost as good as anything she'd worn before she'd run away from home, though it lacked the sentimental value of gifts from her father, it still reminded her of a time she didn't like thinking back on.

But now wasn't the time for dwelling on a past she couldn't get back. This was supposed to be a feast, and while there was certainly far too much food here it was nice to eat something with meat in it again. Taladron's aunt was the perfect hostess, but Setsuna hadn't ever really enjoyed elvish dining even if she did find it perfectly edible. Though she certainly held back more than Brin did, it was more because she wasn't quite as voracious than because she had more shame. The wine on the other hand, she took to heartily, her recent drinking habit a result of Rico's hasty, alcoholic solution to all their recent troubles. It wasn't long into the meal that the tiefling's marble cheeks were flushed pinkish and the usual decorum that she'd show at events like this one quickly fades into her more natural excitable and emotional state.