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    Default Re: (PF) maggie's Rise of the Runelords: Hook Mountain Massacre OOC

    HALLOOOOOOO, hope all's well there, y'all!

    Sorry been away. Crap came up. Just shovelling here, keepin' on shovelling.

    Also, waiting on PM-stuff from Da Chief.

    I second the motion on the congratulations, ma'am. HELL YEAH. The Maggie is DA BESHT! And to all of the Maggie Group, y'all been the best gaming group I've had the honour and the pleasure of gaming with. A big damn HOORAH for us all!

    ...hmm. Though THEY was only with us briefly, no posterity notes for Golentan/Simatzu and Mithric/Mandraiv? And heck, the latter DID manage to get to ALMOST the end of Chapter One, yeah?

    Also, congrats to Jamieth--- you've survived a chapter here. You are no longer new meat. Old Crew, whoo!

    Desril, best wishes with your sleeping healthier! <---hyyyyyypocriiiiiiiiiite. <---whack-whack-whack!
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