BlackSymphony's Dissonant Tuning
5th level Necromancy
Casters: Bard, Cleric, Wizard
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range Touch
Components: V, S, M (A magic item that requires attunement)
Duration: 8 hours

You cause the magic item used as the spell's material component to bestow a curse on others who attune to it for the duration. When you cast the spell, you choose the nature of the curse from the same options as Bestow Curse. Other people who attune to the magic item must make a Wisdom saving throw or have the curse afflict them, removing it from the item. If they succeed on the save, it stays in the item to affect the next person whom attunes to it. You can designate any number of people to automatically succeed on the save. A Remove Curse spell applied to person afflicted ends the effect.
A magic item can only have this effect applied to it once. Attempting to add second curse to an item notifies the caster there is a curse made by this spell on the item already, and lets them either alter the existing curse or remove it in order to create a new one.
At Higher Levels If you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th or 8th level, the duration is 24 hours. If you cast it with a 9th level spell slot, it lasts until dispelled.

Notes: Bestow Curse is on PHB p218, Remove Curse is on PHB p271
This doesn't have the options Bestow Curse does for a 1 or 10 minute duration because attuning to a magic item takes an hour. The spell would end before it could ever possibly take effect.
Custom options for Bestow Curse can also be used for this spell.
Remove Curse can't remove this spell from a magic item because it only breaks attumement with cursed magic items, not the curse itself. DM is free to rule that Remove Curse can break this spell's hold on an item.
The increased casting time and rare material component should prevent this from edging out Bestow Curse.