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I think this is a valid opinion, but I don't quite agree. I don't think Rich is refraining to draw MitD because it'd be a big clue (what with most limbs in OotS looking mostly the same: a black line dividing into three black lines), so much as the fact that MitD started as a pair of eyes in a pool of darkness, and therefore will continue to be just a pair of eyes in a pool of darkness until the reveal. Not because this makes our lives harder (or easier, or anything else) but because the guessing game is secondary to the story, and in the story, MitD is an ongoing joke: a creature forced to never show itself because of the drama wims of Xykon. From a characterisation PoV, that is the basis of MitD as a character and Rich will always put that ahead of almost everything else, and most definitely ahead of the guessing game.

I've said it before, but I don't think glabrezus would be as recognisable to the general population as most other demons. In the grand spectrum of monsters of D&D, glabrezu does not look that much like a traditional demon (where traditional in this context means creatures that look like Qarr, Qarr's summoned demon, Sabine in demon form, etc. - i.e. bipedal, red, scaly, bat winged, horns, NOT a dragon and so on). I accept, however, that this is a matter of opinion, what with not having seen just how detailed the church decorations are in OotS.

As to recognising a carb amorph... it would depend on how many other chunks of the original are running around. We know there is more than one of MitD's species, therefore some people in the world may have run across his daddy, brothers, etc. After all, as far as we know of carb amorph reproduction, it is a matter of creating a new personality, blobbing it off and letting it live its own life; even a single carb amorph crossing over to OotS could reproduce, if it became enamored with any local intelligent being. As to recognition, In Oona's case, for example, she is playing with the advantage of living next to the largest repository of powerful creatures in OotS, so she having knowledge beyond what would be expected of her class and level is easily explained. Stereotypical BGH will stereotypically know about these things. Harder to explain, for once, is RC, who would not be able to find the carb amorph is any of his manuals.

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Having thought about it some more, I hereby propose the Weak Carbosilicate Amorphic Principle.
If MitD is in fact a CSA, it is because Rich has brought CSAs into OotSverse, and therefore they are as recognizable as any other monster of similar rarity