GM post

Grobaras beams at Brin, his ruddy cheeks nearly hiding his keen eyes as he breaks into a wide smile and gives a deep nod in her direction. "Yes. And your services as courier - Lady Zafira, was it? - are precisely what we are interested in. Things down here in the city are rather... shall we say excitable at the moment, and leave our beloved Watch most busy indeed. But we have not heard from Commander Bayden. It has been nearly six weeks since his latest missive should have arrived, and we cannot delay any longer in investigating the reasons behind this- most unwonted silence."

The Lord-Mayor's gaze roves across the table as he speaks, fearlessly meeting each of yours in turn. The faintest indent appears between his brows as he beholds Red's scruffy form, but vanishes just as quickly as he glances at Naya, inclining his head solemnly in her direction. "I understand that it is the five of you who are responsible for foiling the plans of that no-good beast holed up in the Shadow Clock. You have my thanks and my deep gratitude. And that is why the Council has finally acceded to my humble suggestion that we employ a band proved so capable. We need a reliable task force. Not just any tangle of riff-raff, to travel to Turtleback Ferry. From what Captian Uriana tells me, all of you are exceedingly well-suited for the job, just positively raring to go, as she tells me."

"Magnimar would, of course, provide for your expenses on a trip of official purpose. May we rely upon the five of you then? As well as your discretion and a swift departure, should you agree?"