She'd taken a little too happily to the wine to be as solemn as she probably should've been...but at the same time, there were people in potential danger and they'd been stuck doing nothing to help them for over a week now. Not to say the week hadn't been a productive one, sure she'd had to endure something embarrassing, but it was fun too, and they'd managed to decipher her contract, something she hadn't truly looked at in detail in over a year and found a loophole that she could exploit, though she wasn't quite sure yet what it meant, but that wasn't the point, Turtleback Ferry was in danger, and apparently there was also trouble at Fort Rannick, which meant that they had a very obvious goal.

So when the Lord-Mayor finally brought it up, Setsuna nodded her head perhaps too thoroughly, causing the room to continue shaking for her even after her head stopped, "We have been trying to get permission to leave for a week, of course you can count on us. We will stop whatever is happening and make sure that both the fort and Ferry are safe from any thing that might want to harm them, you have my word."

Luckily she still was aware enough to know that she shouldn't try to use the Lord-Mayor's name in her current condition lest she make an insultingly slurred mispronunciation of it.