Red / GM post

Red doesn't take a seat but lurks in Rico's shadow, listening as she slowly picks apart a seed bun with her fingers, heedless of the stray crumbs that fall to the carpet below. It was easy to tell that none of the others had done sellsword work before. There were certain questions that you had to always ask. Red hadn't known back then, when she'd first left the monastery. But she'd learned. Oh yes, she had. Because when you'd gotten yourself a hundred miles from the nearest town in orc bandit-land, with no food or money and hungry wolves on your trail, there were some things you never ever forgot to ask about again.

"M-m-" Opening her mouth as she looks up at the Lord-Mayor, Red feels a sudden surge of nervousness that has her stammering and choking on the first syllable. Grimacing, she crushes the bun in her hand and tries again, this time keep her gaze fixed on Groby's belt. "L-lordship. T-the expens-ses. D-d-do you mean-"

"The costs of the trip, yes," rumbles the Lord-Mayor, taking a sip from his glass as he pats his massive paunch. "A spending purse would be provided before you leave. I will have my aides see to that, rest assured."

"It i-is... a l-long way. To the F-ferry. H-how-"

Grobaras sets the brandy glass down delicately on the table before him before he interrupts Red once more, studying the rogue's face a little more closely this time. "Indeed, it is. Nearly two weeks by foot, should you take the road north of the Yondabakari River that goes around the Sanos forest, if I am not mistaken. Miss... Allin." He taps the arm of his chair thoughtfully, giving the thick glove worn on Red's left hand a cursory glance that is curious but not unkind. "Naturally, the purse should prove more than sufficient should you chose to take the river barge route. And I am sure that Captain Uriana would be able to procure mounts as well, if you would like to stick to land. She informs me that the last contingent of recruits - petty criminals from the Hells that'd thought to reform, you understand - they made the journey by horse in just over a week."

Knowledge (local) DC 15
Turtleback Ferry is a small township located on the north shore of the Claybottom Lake, downstream of the Storval Deep. It is a rather isolated place, with the nearest town of Illsurian being a good 80 miles away. Nevertheless, the town has flourished despite its locale, mainly due to the ferry services that it plies to even more remote villages and towns along the many rivers and creeks that draw their source from the Storval Deep. As such, Turtleback Ferry has long since carved out a little niche for itself as the only trading town of any importance in the Hook Mountain region.

Nevertheless, the Hook Mountain region is not without its dangers. The woods thereabout are positively infested with ogres and hill giants, not to mention the wyverns that dwell high in the mountains and the werewolves packs that are rumoured to roam the nearby Ashwood. It is for this reason that Turtleback Ferry offered its allegiance to Magnimar 45 years ago - with a contingent of rangers established at Fort Rannick to protect the town in exchange for nominal rule.