"Faster would be better, but it can't be the only consideration." Brin cuts in, recalling how the simple day-long ride from Sandpoint to Magnimar had severely chapped her backside. She didn't actually know anything about Turtleback Ferry, but she doubted the ride was likely to be any easier.

"The Constable's right about the boat. It will get us there fresh and ready to face whatever the danger is. And even a simple scroll of sending would let us inform you of the situation there immediately. Surely that's a reasonable expense for use to write off given the import of the mission" Brin smiles at the last part. She could, if she wanted, prepare the spell herself--but it was a legitimate expense, now wasn't it? After all, she could expect to gouge a desperate customer for a couple hundred gold pieces to case that spell, if she was at all inclined to get into the business of peddling the Lady's blessings.

She wasn't, of course. That type of tawdry dealing was entirely the province of temple-bound charlatans.