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    Default Re: (PF) maggie's Rise of the Runelords: Hook Mountain Massacre OOC

    Doop-di-doop, check the sheet for Know: Local... hwaaaat?! HUH. Well. Looks like it's been a while since that came up. Just a paltry +4. Oh well. Let's see what's what...

    Knowledge [Local] (1d20+4)[17]
    Sense Motive (1d20+9)[15]

    Edit: ...Hokay, thanks for these decent ones, O Daemons of Dice.

    Question to anybody who might care to answer:
    Is there truly NO magic item based around the spell "Sending" that can serve as a means of instantaneous communication? Or were "Sending Stones" simply something from Eberron and nowhere else?

    Is there anything stopping us from that sort of innovation? Surely something like that is within the means of the mages of our party? Once that invention takes off, why not rake in the profit?

    As to why not settle for mundane means like messenger pigeons? If you're wary of conspiracies, you might be suspecting that these birds can fall foul of weather, or be shot by enemy agents, and that's just the simple stuff. Could also be intercepted, and the messages switched out.
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