Setsuna, tipsy as she is, if you're being generous with the definition, hadn't been in such a formal setting in years. But still, she was a princess, and her mother had made sure that she'd been taught how to act properly in such situations and the marbled tiefling rarely forgot things like that, even when she'd been distracted by the sound of clashing steel than courtly proceedings. So, she knew how to talk to nobility, royalty, and government officials and how to get them to come around to her way of thinking, she just usually didn't because it required a certain level of deceit that the sober Setsuna couldn't in good conscience manage.

Drunk Setsuna, on the other hand, was much more willing to bend the truth for the greater good, and if her friends thought that such a scroll was for the good of their mission, then they must be right.

Smiling pleasantly at the overweight mayor, the marbled tiefling does her best to sound dignified and not at all lost in a haze of alcoholic bliss, "Lord-Mayor, it will take us many days to reach Fort Rannick, I am sure that the nobility here who have invested in the fort and Turtleback Ferry will be anxious to hear that all is well as quickly as possible. If they are forced to wait for a messenger pigeon, which could be lost since there are many things that are swifter than birds and hungry, some of them may do something rash as a result and they may wrongly blame your lordship should they come to the erroneous conclusion that the information was delayed because of what might appear from outside to be a lack of concern for expediency. And, should there be something wrong, you must be informed immediately so that you can act to protect Magnimar's holdings, if you are unable to even through no fault of your own, it may create concerns, unjustified though they would be, about your ability to rule, especially in light of the recent incident. And even beyond that, you must take steps to protect your own life! Xanesha was targeting you most of all, you recall, if she truly has allies, they may be targeting you as well and it would be best if you were on your guard as quickly as we can confirm that information."


Drunken, eloquent Setsuna, she'll be here as long as there's more booze.

Diplomacy (1d20+11)[19]