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    Default Re: Aegis J Hyena's Super Hyena Fun Show: Random Banter Thread #215

    Quote Originally Posted by TaiLiu View Post
    Yes - but which hand do you use? How do you eat it? Proper chocolate etiquette is important. I can't get kicked out of the Gentlefolk's Chocolate Club!
    The rules are as follows:

    Prior to eating chocolate, one must have chocolate.

    After eating chocolate, one may or may not still have chocolate but must have less chocolate than before, unless an external source is providing additional chocolate.

    If one has chocolate and does not eat it, it is permitted (and likely) that someone else may eat it.

    As long as you stick to the Three Laws of Chocolate, you'll be fine.
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    ...though Talla does her best to sound objective and impartial, it doesn't cover stuff like "ask a 9-year-old to tank for the party."
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