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Yes - but which hand do you use? How do you eat it? Proper chocolate etiquette is important. I can't get kicked out of the Gentlefolk's Chocolate Club!
The etiquette is dependant on what your location and company is. When alone at home there is no etiquette and only the Three Laws of Chocolate apply (see Qwertystop's post, also quoted below). But alas, there are also moments when you are forcced to consume your cocoalicious meals amongst others. The following rules apply to various different social situations:
  • remember to never eat your chocolate when it is melted or nearly melted
  • always remember to offer a piece of your chocolate to a friend if they have none
  • if a friend has their own chocolate, suggest to swap one piece to experience something new
  • do not cry and eat chocolate alone in the public unless it is an emergency
  • avoid making direct eye contact with another when biting your chocolate (attempt of seduction or intimidation are an exception)
  • receive your chocolate with joy when given for free
  • ... but tell that you are utterly full and will eat it later if the flavour isn't to your liking

Which hand you use is optional - whatever makes your chocolate experience more comfortable.

These are just some of the examples that are included in the full edition of "Etiquette for Consumption of Chocolate" published by none else than our beloved Gentlefolk's Chocolate Club, coming out next month! Etiquette for chocolate beverages and condiments are still in the making. There will be an add-on leaflet about the complexity of chocolate fondue as well.

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The rules are as follows:

Prior to eating chocolate, one must have chocolate.

After eating chocolate, one may or may not still have chocolate but must have less chocolate than before, unless an external source is providing additional chocolate.

If one has chocolate and does not eat it, it is permitted (and likely) that someone else may eat it.

As long as you stick to the Three Laws of Chocolate, you'll be fine.
These are indeed the Three Laws of Chocolate, but we were not discussing about the core basics. TaiLiu was specifically asking for the correct etiquette - the more refined manners for consumption of chocolate, that is.

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Proper etiquette dictates that chocolate must be eaten with a knife and fork. If you are playing the chocolate game.