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its been awhile since i played D&D finally found a group but i feel rusty. i have a few questions in this campaign I created a level 1 half-orc barbarian. when i play with this GM every human elf gnome dwarf hates me like i am kill on sight is this normal?
Not for 4th edition. The default setting for 4E might see you getting the occasional side-eye or poor treatment, but it certainly wouldn't have entire races reacting violently to your presence. If your DM is running 4E and he intended to run his world this way, I would have expected him to warn you that you'd be facing severe social ramifications at character building.

also he told me barbarians cant use any magical weapons if i pick up one it will break i dont rember reading that in the 4th edition rules. can anyone help?
There is no rule like this in 4th edition.

With that said, are you sure that you're using 4th edition? I think some earlier editions of D&D did have rules restricting barbarians from using magic weapons, and if you're in an earlier edition you'll get better answers on the appropriate board.