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MA"AM! AYE-AYE, MA"AM! Rolling out the anti-air! Hydra batteries primed, target coordinates, received. FIRING. Hah! TAKE THAT, SCUM! Oh Throne... oh Throne! Th-that was only... only a feeler! They're everywhere! Keep yer **** together and keep on shooting! BUTTON UP AND DEPLOY FLAMERS! Keep shooting, KEEP SHOOTING! Kshhk-skskhhkksshhhhkkt. ---I'll be damned, the swarm's slackening. Frak them, DON"T LET UP! ssshkkHskkt. ---ONE NINER! DO YOU READ ME? OV--- Come in... REDEPLOY ALL AVAILABLE FLAK CANNONS TO MY BEACON! Ma'am, the next wave could be coming in any m--- I DON"T CARE, GET YOUR GUNS OVER HERE NO--- bbbsshhhkkkkkAaaaaAAGH---

Ahem. Did somebody say "AA"?

Koff. Good hunting to ye, ma'am!

Sorry wasn't able to make it. Storms battering here. And this weekend had to get the cat to the doc. And koff, registration season.
Sounds rough. Hope things improve for you!

On my end, last night was the last night of house sitting I had, I'll be packing up my computer and heading home in an hour or so, so I'll post here probably tomorrow, maybe later tonight, depends on how screwed up my schedule and internal clock are....though given the 4 hours of sleep, probably tomorrow.