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With THAT kinda roll... What, so, apparently, the Dice Daemons appreciate sarcasm THAT much?

Sense Motive (1d6)[5]

Huh! Well, looks like they DO?
Wait... Pretty sure I pressed Quote on the first go. Wonder why the quoted roll is doing some mirroring?
Quotes always do that. It's because of how the site is formatted, quoted rolls will be in the ["rollx"] format which is how the forums have the dice roll saved, so the quote would look like

"Quote: ["roll0"]"

"I roll ["roll0"]"

Both use the same reference point so it puts the same number in for each result.

For example, I'm quoting you in this post, but if I type in (1d6)[5] it'll replace the number in the quote with this 1d6 even though you can't get to this low a number with the quoted roll.