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    Revenge of the Son of the Return of Crappy Monsters Nobody Ever Uses Strikes Back III: Mission to Moscow.

    Destrachans are sonic-based aberrations with 8 RHD (ugh). Their chassis is stunningly mediocre, with no outstanding stats, two bad claws as natural weapons, average speed and reachless Large size.

    Their only interesting ability is Destructive Harmonics, and even then 2/3rds of it is crap. Weak blasting and slightly less weak nonlethal blasting is not a viable strategy at any level. The 'material' option is interesting in that it can potentially disarm and disarmor a horde of foes using metal equipment, but the fact that it's hard to aim and useless against many enemies tones it down a bit.

    Then there's blindsight (easily replicable at this level), immunity to visual effects (ever tried closing your eyes?), protection from sonics (because having a Silence spell completely blind you isn't deliberating at all) and a bonus to listen checks (don't you have blindsight for that?).

    Even before trying to find a class that somewhat fits the destrachan (swordsage was the closest I got), it should be obvious they're weak even with +0 LA.

    Final verdict: -0 LA.

    Next up are devils, which should prove more interesting to rate.
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