GM post

Grobaras gives a dainty little clap of his hands, a pleased grin stretched across his pasty face as he nods at Setsuna. "How very astute of you. Yes. As it so happens, only this morning, a certain ranger had seen fit to seek an audience - to petition for a grant of safe passage to Fort Rannick. It seems she has some unfinished business with one of the Black Arrows there, and wanted guarantee that she would be let past the gates - you know how rangers can be - so secretive, they are. This one was no different - what her unfinished business was, alas, she would not say." Leaning forward with a motion that makes his prodigious belly jiggle and flop over his bejewelled belt, the Lord-Mayor continues, a knowing gleam in his eyes.

"Well. A solo ranger on her own would hardly be a suitable emissary, not when she has her own aims in mind. She might be, hm-hrm- even waylaid by scoundrels. Perhaps those same scoundrels you have in mind that would catch a messenger pigeon! I was about to send word to her on the morrow that her petition was not to be granted, but that if she pleased, she might leave a missive with you to take to the Fort. Yet now, it seems that her services may be be required after all. Travelling with your group would suffice as the grant that she requires. And in return, she will serve as the Council's representative."

Plucking up yet another slice of cheese, the Lord-Mayor pauses and looks over at Setsuna and Rico. "I believe you know who this ranger is? Captain Uriana reported that she was a part of that little rumble with the Sandpoint goblins last month. Shalelu is the name she has taken to wander the lands of men with."

Knowledge (local) DC 20 (only if your PC was not part of the Burnt Offerings chapter)
The name is of elvish origin and sounds familiar, though you've never had the chance to meet its owner. Perhaps it was in a small seedy tavern, or when you were deep in your cups gossiping with fellow travelers, that you heard tales of a mysterious elven ranger who roams the wilds of southwest Varisia, as beautiful as she is fierce - slayer of goblins, bane of bugbears, able to hit the eye of a hare from four hundred paces away.