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    Saburo Kazuki, the Big Man
    Name: Saburo Kazuki
    Race: Shinigami
    Position: Headquarters Division, 3rd seat
    Reiatsu: Multicolored: lime-green with translucent white outline.
    Age: 312; Apparent Age: 31
    Height: 6’ 9”
    Weight: 192 lbs
    Speech: #CD9809

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Silvery white eyes. Glossy, silken sunflower orange hair that sticks out in all directions and defies styling, no more than a couple inches long. Umber brown complexion. Skinny but toned, with narrow features and long hands and fingers. Standard shihakusho. Wears men's ankle shoes partially hidden by his shihakusho's pant legs, but not the 9-inch platforms on them. In the field, he sports a backpack, in which he stores paper, pens, envelopes, and various tools and devices that would be useful to a field commander.
    Spoiler: Personality
    Kazuki is a gentle and patient man. He likes to smile. He’s casual, cheery, kind, and very comfortable with himself and his qualities. He is difficult to insult, to emasculate, or to embarrass. He is of good humor, able to laugh at himself as easily as others can. He takes well to constructive criticism and is optimistic about others, always trying to find virtue and geniality in everyone, even if they cannot see it for themselves. He cares deeply about people, perhaps more than for himself. Respect, to Kazuki, is a thing which must initially be given to all people, regardless of their status or alliance. With time, a person can earn more of Kazuki’s respect, and perhaps even his trust. With poor behavior and indecency, a person can also gradually lose his respect, although his kindness will never change.

    Despite his capitalizing, Kazuki hides a distressingly cunning and multi-focused side of himself from others. He has his hand in every pot by design, with eyes and ears that often alert him to brewing trouble before trouble itself knows it. He is capable of planning long into the future, adapting quickly to changing circumstances, and keeping track of many different factors at the same time. He keeps a cool head on his shoulders, and responds to pressure and surprise like a stone obelisk responds to the wind and rain – unwavering. Nevertheless, he is more capable when and where he is allowed to take his own initiative.

    This mild officer enjoys long strolls and tending to his garden, or creating woodworked art. At night, he can often be found drinking nihonshu over dice or pitch and toss with friends. He prefers nigiri, as befitting of his sunny disposition.

    Fun and Games: Always smiling and easy to get along with, it should be no surprise that Kazuki likes to provide for others. In an unprecedented act of charity for the Saburo household, Kazuki promotes leisure time by owning and directing activities for hundreds of souls in the Spirit World. These include public raffles, a public casino and another (“secret”) private casino, an exotic dance club, betting pools for a variety of events and rumors, a moonlight sports arena, managing a canteen and providing services and imports for clientele. Kazuki has a wonderful business sense, but also recognizes that he is a busy man, and so he leaves the management of most of these establishments up to a select few, trusted officers.

    Kazuki’s true intentions for his establishments are not at all sinister, but they are subtle. Through these places, he can keep a close watch on the people he feels responsible for and maximize his benefit to them. Additionally, he can sift through statistics and patron profiles to find officers and troops (and others) to recruit and suggest his classes to. Kazuki's overarching goals are to improve the security and overall prosperity of Soul Society, and, the secret hidden beneath his reputation for being an excellent teacher, his status as the owner and executive officer of several lucrative entertainment venues, the quiet rumors and flustered investigations into his role as the lynch-pin of an organized crime ring...
    This is actual spoiler content.
    Spoiler: For serious.
    You will spoil yourself for plot developments if you read it.
    It's nested because I don't want you to have regrets later.
    ... to build a smaller, elite military force more loyal to himself than to Soul Society.
    Spoiler: History
    The Saburo household has a long tradition and has met with wealth, status and success in practicing law and lending. From youth, Kazuki was a bright boy with good logical and intuitive senses. Naturally, his family was surprised when, instead of advancing in his legal classes, he joined the Shin'o Academy. When he expressed interest in starting a business, it was thought they'd seen his cleverness, and started to put him on the path of a lending house for Shin'o students and Shinigami. They were equally surprised (and to a degree, disappointed), when he revealed his business plan was for a raffle house. Nonetheless, he found some financial success and began to build capital toward his next goals- namely, to purchase the raffle house from his family and gain autonomy, and to found a public casino. The seed of his business empire has grown from there.

    Wary individuals capable of looking at Kazuki's accomplishments with less rose-colored glasses can also see how he might building an empire of organized crime at the same time- or already has. Every one of his businesses has ironclad laws, licenses and permits protecting it from official investigation up until now, but certain entities are merely waiting for him to slip and leave a gap in his defenses. Unfortunately for those entities, it has already been more than 200 years, and his presence has been accepted by all but the most stalwart skeptics.
    Spoiler: My Goals for Character
    Promotion to captain of a division?
    Inspire a revolution to make Soul Society a better place?
    Get Ryouma to discipline his reiatsu?
    Convince certain officers to transfer to different divisions!
    Successfully carry out the secret goals of this week's war game.
    Spoiler: Possessions
    Anemoi Raffle House: Anemoi has three different branches. One inside the Seireitei, one in Rukon's 25th district, and one in a "secret, secure" location, where the prize money is said to be kept. Anemoi hosts four types of raffle: the Eurus, the Notos, the Boreas, and the Zephyr. Eurus raffles are held every day, but payouts are small. Notos raffles are held once per week, with larger payouts. Boreas raffles are held once per month, and have the best efficiency in (and rather large) payouts. The Zephyr raffle's tickets can be obtained only by scoring highly in one of Kazuki's war games, or by acquiring the tickets from someone who has, creating an entirely separate kind of game for individuals looking to strike it rich quick. The Zephyr raffle is drawn twice per year. Naturally, Anemoi is Kazuki's most popular establishment, and it features advertisements to his other (public) businesses on the back of each ticket.

    The Red Spade Casino: Kazuki's public casino, located just outside the Red Hollow Gate, where it benefits from a close proximity to Seireitei, but is also open to souls from anywhere in Soul Society. It has a reputation for being family-friendly with a bright, clean environment. Due to ethical concerns, children under the age of 12 are not allowed to gamble with money, but with candy, instead. Despite this, they are still permitted at the same tables as adults.

    The Black Joker Den: The big spenders, high rollers and very important persons identified at the Red Spade are sometimes invited to this, Kazuki's private casino. Open only during the hours of darkness, the Black Joker Den is located inside the Seireitei, just to the northwest of the Red Hollow Gate. Patrons, even citizens of the Rukongai, can gain assisted passage here by spending of three-use chits that the Red Spade provides. Knowledge of the Black Joker is generally kept a secret, but neither Kazuki nor his security detail are particular at all about the measures taken to keep it hidden, so word inevitably reaches a few people here and there.

    The Aphrodite Dance Studio and Spa: An eternally popular venue, yet with a reputation that is surprisingly not seedy at all. The Aphrodite is an adults-only club, which features a full bar, pole dancing, and a health spa. The atmosphere is light and relaxing in the daytime, to bustling and jazzy in the evening, and exclusive to only a few hundred members.

    Mizusashi: A shinigami canteen near the foot of Sogyoku Hill, central enough that anyone can reach it. Kazuki employs unseated troopers from Med&Log and the Gotei Reservoir in their off hours to keep the canteen staffed, plus low-ranking officers from multiple divisions to handle the management. It's not a large operation, but it stays busy most days. Kazuki's rare imports and services business can also be contacted through this venue.

    The Dark: A contact sport arena operating only by moonlight and staffed by primarily by the Pack, the Dark is a well-whispered about fighting ring. The fights are one-on-one, no weapons or kido allowed, and killing is prohibited. Despite its gritty reputation and down-low status, like all of Kazuki's ventures, the business is entirely legitimate.

    Make no mistake. Although Kazuki's reputation may be split between "good teacher" and "entertainment guru and maybe a mafia boss," his businesses exist just as much for training low-ranking officers or unseated troops to bring out their potential as they do to improve morale. Furthermore, he uses each business as a way to challenge possible dissenters in Soul Society and collect a team of cream-of-the-crop soldiers and officers for his personal military needs.
    Spoiler: Abilities
    Tactical Specialist: Whatever other strengths he may have, Kazuki’s true ability lies in others. He teaches multiple classes at the Seireitei, for the purpose of improving and increasing what he calls, “force multipliers.” These classes range from remedial to expert, but most of them teach only generalized skills. He is most known for his “Integrated Kido Arts” and “Way of Defense” classes, where he emphasizes crossing skills that seem disparate, as well as preparation, diplomacy and teamwork.

    Kazuki holds war games every week, often with special rules, but that allow any soul to join – even outlaws from the Rukongai, with special amnesty and anonymity for the duration. The winners of these war games are treated to rewards from Kazuki’s own time or wallet, and can even include legal assistance from himself or a more experienced member of the Saburo household.

    The particular bend of his kido arts skills was developed for enhancing his effectiveness as a leader. With his kido web, he can interconnect many key points within the realm of his command. In this way, he can apply spells where they need to go, control or deny zones, hand off important tasks to subordinates, or communicate with his troops at will.

    Spoiler: Fighting
    Passable Zanjutsu: Despite being a 3rd-seated officer, Kazuki is only nominally proficient with a blade. He has mastered the basics of swordfighting, but his technique is lacking. Despite this, he is familiar enough with the fundamentals of swordplay that he can still assist more struggling shinigami with brushing up.

    Aikido Master: Having had no less than two hundred years to practice and train, Kazuki has become a master of the aikido style of martial arts. His mastery over it is great enough that he can withstand combat with up to two vice-captain-level fighters at once, even without the benefit of his shikai. However, the style does not lend itself well to acts of aggression.
    Spoiler: Basics
    High Spiritual Energy: Despite being a seated officer of the Gotei 13, Kazuki boasts a spiritual energy on par with vice-captain-level shinigami.

    Hoho Practitioner: Kazuki has such skill in shunpo that he is able to keep up with most vice-captain-level shinigami for short periods of time while using it.

    Cicada Specialist: When using utsusemi, Kazuki’s skill in hoho is far more advanced than in shunpo or senka. By combining utsusemi with kido, Kazuki has been able to create up to eight “afterimages” of himself, all of which can remain seen for almost thirteen seconds at a time, and which respond to damage or continue to fight in a real way. Only an afterimage’s inability to inflict damage makes its difference from the real Kazuki obvious.

    When using this advanced utsusemi, Kazuki can maintain hoho for only short periods of time. The large number of images which Kazuki can create is not an indication of how quickly he moves, but of exactly how he has combined the art of utsusemi with his specialization in integrated kido.

    Great Endurance: Like many other high-ranking shinigami, Kazuki is capable of taking an enormous amount of physical abuse without being taken out of a fight. His sheer focus and ridiculously high tolerance for pain allow him to ignore most injuries, not suffering any penalty even when coping with multiple broken bones, lacerations and gashes. Further, he frequently combines kaido with his integrated defensive kido (giving those spells a distinctly greenish color), allowing him to recover significant injuries even over the course of active combat.

    Augmented Durability: As resilient as Kazuki is, he is just as hard to damage. This quality is perhaps one of his greatest strengths, as it is accomplished with more than physical training or high reiatsu. Although they tend to limit his offensive capability, he incorporates bakudo techniques into his defenses, often utilizing unusual variants that turn classically restraining bakudo into shielding bakudo.
    Spoiler: Kido
    Kido Expert: Kazuki has great talent for kido, although it is disproportionately bent toward bakudo and kaido. Rarely does he engage in combat without using kido. He is especially skilled in eishohaki, and can use bakudo of up to difficulty 82, and hado difficulty 12 without an incantation.

    Spoiler: Crafted Kido
    Bakudo #60: Kido Web: This spell creates an expansive, web-like network of blue lines, which travel mostly along solid surfaces as they work their way outward. The web connects together up to several locations across a large area, with "nodes" placed where and as they are needed. Wherever a "node" is located, the web's controller can direct a kido spell they cast to another node along the network, where it can either be suspended until a later time, or released immediately.

    The web can be created through air and other environments, but the shinigami using it requires substantially more reiryoku to do so. Additionally, the web's controller can give control of the web to one or more other shinigami in contact with a node, letting them use their own reiryoku to maintain the web and cast kido spells through it. No two kido webs may overlap one another, but multiple webs can be adjacent to each other. Kido Web does nothing to mitigate the cost of casting multiple kido spells, meaning that unless control is shared among multiple shinigami, a single user can quickly exhaust themselves with this spell.

    This spell allows Kazuki to cast spells that protect and heal his troops and allies over combat-scaled areas while he remains in a central or otherwise advantageous position. He prefers to keep more kido-skilled shinigami nearby to share control with and to cover his gaps.

    Bakudo #2: Atooshi (Japanese for "pushing"): An adaptation of Sho to the purposes of restraining-type Bakudo, Atooshi creates a field of sustained force that pushes outward from itself, warping air like the summer's heat as it repels nearby things.

    Spoiler: Bakudo
    Bakudo Master: Kazuki is able to use high-level bakudo spells to great effect even without incantation, and can use multiple spells in rapid succession. Additionally, he may modify existing spells to suit his own purposes. Most modifications Kazuki performs transform spells that are typically restraining-type bakudo into direct defenses, indirect defenses, or barriers. The most common bakudo spells he will cast are these:
    Restraints: Hainawa, Rikujokoro, Hyapporankan, Sajo Sabaku
    Direct Defenses: Seki, Enkosen, El Escudo, Millón Escudo
    Indirect Defenses: Sekienton, Kyokko, Sentan Hakuja, Kido Web
    Barriers: Tsuriboshi, Tozansho, Roppo Fujin, Goyogai
    Informants: Kakushìtsuijaku, Tenteikura, Noren Mekuri
    Spoiler: Kaido
    Kaido Expert: Kaido spells are neglected by Shinigami more often than not. They are generally overlooked, not given names, numbers or incantations, and the total number of Kaido spells is unfortunately small. Kazuki can use mid-level kaido spells to great effect even without incantation, though he generally uses incantations for higher-level spells to ensure maximum power.

    Spoiler: Hado
    Hado Practitioner: Kazuki has a basic knowledge of how Hado works, but the focus of his studies are anything but here. The following are the hado spells he can cast without incantation, although he prefers to incant even these:
    Spells: Sho, Byakurai, Fushibi
    Spoiler: Zanpakuto
    Kazuki wields a 9-fold shinogi-zukiri katana with a low carbon tamahagane core and a high carbon tamahagane blade, with a full tang and four flush mekugi. The blade is of normal thickness and depth, has a straight kissaki and one bevel on its edge. The katana has a 27-inch blade with a 2 ¼-inch tip and is 34 inches long overall. Kazuki upkeeps the blade’s fine glassy polish with regular maintenance, and the katana has an oak tsuka, a white same and a snug sky blue cotton ito, which are secured to the tsuki by a golden colored steel kashira. The saya is made of mahogany, lacquered medium blue, and has a mottled delft silk sageo. The seppa is flush with the brass mokko gata wa mimi tsuba, and the habaki and fuchi fit the tang, tsuki and blade tightly.

    Spoiler: Shikai
    Release command – Blossom, Nintai no Uta. [Singing Patience]

    When unsealed, Singing Patience takes the appearance of a floating lotus flower with fifty pale violet petals. The flower sits upon a small green lily pad, and initially floats just a few inches in front of Kazuki’s chest. Inside the petals of the lotus is a floating brass coin, stamped on each side with an image of Sahasrara, the crown chakra’s flower of one-thousand petals. Singing Patience is moved when Kazuki brings a hand near it; it then anchors to that hand and floats an inch in front of it, regardless of where or how quickly Kazuki’s hand moves. The flower can be easily traded to another hand, or “held” in both hands at once.

    Special Abilities: When unsealed, Singing Patience is a kido-type zanpakuto with multiple abilities.

    Wither and Flourish: Each time Singing Patience is struck by an opponent or their attack in combat, some of its petals fall away. The attack is stopped cold by the flower, never progressing past it, even if it should normally wash over the lotus and strike its bearer. Each attack is normally equal to one petal, but exceptionally powerful attacks cause more petals to fall.

    Each time a petal falls away from the flower, one of the stamped petals on the zanpakuto’s coin begins to glow with a soft white light, and Kazuki feels a slight growth in his abilities. This growth affects his strength, speed, durability, stamina and spiritual power. After one hundred petals have fallen from the flower, Kazuki’s abilities are on par with most vice-captain-level shinigami. His power continues to grow as petals continue to fall, thereafter.

    Winter to Spring: When given this command, Singing Patience’s petals blossom again, renewing all 50 petals. The lit petals of the zanpakuto’s inner coin remain lit, and as more lotus petals fall away, more brass petals will come alight.

    Coin of Fruition: Once no more petals remain around the coin at the center of the flower, Kazuki can use this command to cause the lily pad to fall away. Once this change is made, there is no going back: wither and flourish and winter to spring cannot be used again until Singing Patience is resealed and then unsealed again. The coin begins to spin on one axis slowly, shedding a few motes of sky blue light at a slow, constant rate.

    Tenrai Kajitsu (Divine Fruit): Each of the lit petals stamped in the coin indicates a single empowered charge of the coin’s use. When Kazuki uses one of these charges, the coin discharges a blast of reiatsu at an opponent. Once released, the direction of the blast can be controlled, and several blasts fired from the coin in sequence can be used to create a veritable storm of destruction around Kazuki. Each blast from the coin is accompanied by the sound of not thunder or fire, but of wind chimes singing in the breeze.

    Each time a charge is used from the coin, one of the glowing petals stamped onto its surface is extinguished, but Kazuki’s enhanced abilities remain unchanged.
    Spoiler: Bankai
    Sen Kinu no Toro. Not yet achieved.
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