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    A.V. Kalya

    Alias: n/a
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Student, Necromancer, VIGIL member


    Kalya is a tall, solidly built young woman with dark brown skin and wavy black hair typically tied back in a long braid or ponytail down to her waist. She's naturally very curvy as well, with wide hips and thighs, but also similarly broad shoulders, and strong upper arms. Her face is adorned with jewelry, a slim gold chain connecting a ring on her nose to an elaborate golden earring on her right ear. Small gold ornaments hang off the chain, as well as rings on both brows and a stud under her lip, though her left ear remains free of jewelry. Kalya presents herself with a quiet, scholarly manner - her hazel eyes perpetually seeming deep in contemplation, and her bold features set into a poised, tranquil look.

    Kalya typically wears elaborate, though comfortable clothing, favoring brightly colored cloth jackets and wide trousers with soft shoes. That's no injunction against fancier attire, though. While Kalya prefers casual settings, she's equally comfortable in the formal atmospheres of academic and courtly ritual, and owns a varied wardrobe suited to any occasion.


    Calm, thoughtful, and collected, Kalya prides herself on a diplomatic nature and a clear-headed, rational approach to situations that emphasizes a reasoned consideration of multiple outcomes and frequent reflection, instead of impulsive or emotional decision making. While generally measured and calculating of speech, Kalya occasionally does allow her rebellious nature to get the better of her - a penchant for sass and a passive-aggressive streak a mile wide have caused many a humiliating moment for those caught against the sharp side of her tongue, though a shellacking too many has also earned her a reputation for being more than occasionally insufferable should her ego get the better of her.


    Kalya's notable equipment includes several necromantic charms and devices, which she generally keeps in a cloth satchel that hangs at her hip. Chief among them is a crude looking mirror, carved out of mahogany wood, adorned with bits of shell and sea glass, with a face made out of dull, unpolished bronze. Despite the seeming roughness of the mirror, the dull face can change to become as polished and glassy as the surface of a clear lake, or dark and starry as a midnight sky, radiant as a sunrise, or multicolored and turbulent as a stormy ocean surface. The mirror is Kalya's main focus for spellcasting, acting as a window into the Shadelands from which Kalya draws her necromantic ability. Other necromanctic charms include a pair of heavily tarnished silver bells that don't ring in any tone audible to the living, incense, a notebook, and an electric flashlight.


    A daughter of one of the oldest and most revered noble houses in Abhorson's Gate, Kalya is one of the most talented students of necromancy in her generation, having developed mastery in a variety of arts related to communication with, and the summoning and banishment of undead and otherworldly spirits. Raising the undead is a skill fallen out of fashion among most modern practitioners of the College of Necromancy - more modern applications of Abhorson's ancient teachings revolve around manipulation of spirit energies for use in healing, clairvoyant meditation, and personal enhancement. The traditional arts are still taught as a curiosity to interested and talented students, however, and more advanced applications of the old arts have come to Kalya in the form of knowledge passed down from the ancient undead masters of the college, including the head of her own house, Arshan.

    In addition to the specialized knowledge of the College of Necromancy, Kalya has a generalist's knowledge in some other fields of magic, like basic elemental sorcery, stone weaving, and weather manipulation, and other forms of nature magic practiced by the various craftsman-sorcerers of her home. Kalya's no elitist when it comes to useful magical skills, and is as well a quick study and deft talent at magical arts in general, though it's unlikely that she'd ever pick up any magical skill to the same depth and extent as her passion for necromancy.

    Besides her magical and mental talents, Kalya has a few sporting passions, being a strong swimmer and a skilled hockey and tennis player. She has some interest in martial arts, with some practice in unarmed and armed sport fighting, including traditional long-axe fighting, though she's by no means an accomplished duelist.


    Kalya is a gifted student at the College of Necromancy, in the city of Abhorson's Gate - an island city state founded by necromancers drawn to the teachings of Abhorson, an ancient dragon from aeons past. Though she herself comes from a noble family, heavily steeped in the arcane history of the city, Kalya was heavily discouraged by her parents and immediate family from pursuing necromancy, they preferring that she pursue a more modern profession such as medicine or law, starting an independent practice, and marrying an approved match of equal standing and success. Kalya's interest in the old arts was inspired and encouraged by the patriarch of her house, the ancient lich Arshan, who had remained at the family's head for centuries since the nascent days of the College and the city. Kalya's passion for the ancient arts was offset by her more socially progressive politics - the elites of Abhorson's Gate, while increasingly technocratic, remained conservative and restricting in regards to social relationships and political systems. Kalya chafed under the prudish norms expected by her family, and enforced by the tightly-knit circles of gossip that spread through the upper echelons of noble and college society. Publically, Kalya engaged the debate stage and tried to make inroads into the deadlock of College politics, while privately pursuing relationships that would have caused her to become ostracized and a social pariah among her class had they come to light.

    Given the offer to leave the city by Abhorson himself, Kalya eagerly chose to join VIGIL and see the outside world. She hopes that one day, when she returns home, she'll be able to use her experience to change her society (in her mind) for the better.
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