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Bastion asked Rahm to dispose of him in the first panel here. Ashley mentioned that she originally planed for Bastion to kill Elan because Bastion "takes betrayal personally." My guess is that Bastion considers Quigley to have betrayed the plot, too (even if Quigley never talked to Bastion directly) and he doesn't want to take any chances with Quigley possibly causing problems in the future, so he wants Quigley to die. It's probably more a matter of not wanting to take any chances than actually expecting Quigley to cause problems.
More importantly, Quigley has an entirely unearned reputation as a highly-skilled hero due to the play about him. Bastion's reaction to him is like finding out that Rambo or James Bond had wandered into the area while you're planning an evil scheme.

(So of course you put his son in danger and try to catch him in an elaborate deathtrap.)