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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobtor View Post
    Well the video dosn't show how powerfull the bow is... (in fact it gives no information on any variables)

    I found a poster on the webside and it seem to be a 25lb bow.... the arrow is also very big and bulky (thus not for penetration).

    The poster have a 60lb bow penetrating 60mm at 25feet and above 30mm at 50feet (for the 11 layer authentic patch, I assume they still use with the bulky arrow).
    They alwso have pictures of (clearly) untrained people 'hitting' the armour with various objects (presumably weapons) on their homepage.

    For a experimental archaeologist trial this is really horrible.... Its like something from the 1970'ies.

    I'll try to find the videos I saw, I didn't realize that wasn't the same one. (That's what I get for posting from work.)

    EDIT -- and either way, what might a good balance between the needs of a game, the needs of a compelling setting, and historical accuracy be on something like the linothorax?
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