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Succour-of-Travellers, the Pure Sexy Succubus Maid.

Spoiler: Backstory

Hamel Goldensky wasn't the only great hero Greenstone had ever produced. Before him (several generations before him, admittedly) there had been another, Hendrick Tavin. Yes, the ancestor of the family whose inn Hamel Goldensky took over. Centuries back, there'd been a portal opened between the underworld and the mortal world. It was Hendrick who had invented the mighty spells that sealed the rift, and he had also been at the forefront of the army that cleared out the demons who had already crossed over.

Not all of the demons stranded by Hendrick fought to the death. Some ran, trying to hide from the mortal hunters. Some pleaded, looking for a mercy they would never have shown. One made a bargain.

Her name was Pleasures-of-Flesh, and she was a succubus. Cornered by Hendrick Tavin, she pledged her life to his service (for as long as they both lived), in return for protection from his forces. He agreed. Pleasures-of-Flesh would have expected she was going to wait until the coast was clear, seduce and murder him, and be on her way. All in a day's work for a succubus, no? But Hendrick hadn't wanted her for himself. Instead, as he retired at the end of the campaign, he took her back to Greenstone with him. And put her to work in the family tavern.

Not quite what she'd had in mind when she made the pact...

Pleasures-of-Flesh had been working in that tavern for many years before she finally fell in love. Not with Hendrick, true, but with one of the farmers who used the town market. In time, this union lead to a daughter.

Pleasures' demonic blood bred true in her offspring. Which... was something of a problem. Not least because she had been concealing her nature from the others in Greenstone, but this effort fell apart the moment her daughter was born. The dark red skin and horns were something of a giveaway. The revelation cost her her lover, but Hendrick at least prevented her from being killed over the matter.

Still, with no chance of her making a regular home for her daughter, something had to be done with the infant succubus. Hendrick eventually came up with the idea - as Pleasures-of-Flesh had been bound to his service for the length of their mutual lives, he'd do the same between Pleasures' daughter, and his heir (his nephew, as he had no children of his own).

Thus was a tradition born. Each new generation of Succubi would be pledged to a new generation of Tavins. After a couple of generations, the town was used enough to them being there they didn't even need to hide their natures anymore. But then someone had to screw things up for everyone.

And that someone was young Succour-of-Travellers. Her mother had been bound to Old Man Tavin, and she was bound to his son, Georg. Rather more closely than was the norm - the succubi didn't usually mate with the Tavin family, but Succour and Georg could barely keep their hands off one another most days.

The old man came to his planned retirement day, and hosted a lavish party to celebrate. Georg and Succour spent the party getting drunk together, and when night crept up on them, they stole away to a private place, to do exactly what you'd expect of a drunk young man and his (also drunk) magically-bound succubus.

Succour's family were true demons. Breeding with humans didn't result in half-demons - each daughter was, herself, a full Succubus. Which is a bit of a problem when a young, inexperienced succubus gets drunk with what should, by all rights, be her prey...

...And that was the end of Georg.

Old Man Tavin retired anyway. He was getting too old to run an inn. He just took his wife - and Succour's mother (not the same person) into retirement with him. And left Succour behind. He blamed her for Georg's death... and it's hard to argue with, since it was her that killed him, drunk or no. But she was left alone - no inn to work in, no Tavin to serve. Since no-one else was using it, she squatted in the inn for a while, doing what she could to keep it in shape. She didn't have anything else left, after all.

Luckily for her, she didn't have to wait long. Hamel Goldensky bought the inn shortly after Old Man Tavin retired. It was probably a shock to both of them when he found the succubus, still in her uniform, caring for the abandoned building he'd just purchased. But when he told her the plan to renovate and re-open the inn... she offered her service immediately.

Her ancestors had served in this inn for generations, after all... It just wouldn't be right to let it reopen without one of them on hand to greet the customers...

Spoiler: Description

Physically, Succour is entirely average by the standards of Succubi. Which by human standards means she's a tall woman possessed of a combination of thin frame and 'impressive' curves that would normally scream 'magical enhancement', helped to stand out from a crowd even more by her red skin, long silver hair, large, red wings and the curly horns above each ear. Even if she spends her time living on a diet of fatty foods and ice-cream, she's racially incapable of getting out of shape. (At least visually. Her athletic skill is... not terribly impressive. It's probably telling that 'bulging muscles' aren't part of the description...)

Like her ancestors, Succour is capable of hiding her demonic traits. But with so many generations of her family having served at the inn, she rarely finds it necessary to do so. The Greenstone Succubi have just become... well, normal.

Succour wears a mostly normal uniform in dark, navy blue - the one concession it bears to her demonic nature is the slits on the upper back that her wings go through.

While she does generally carry around a whip (for what purpose, it's probably best not to speculate), it is usually carried under her apron so as not to be immediately visible to others.

Spoiler: Stats

Athletics: 1
Affection: 4
Skill: 2
Cunning: 3
Luck: 2
Will: 1

Maid Power: Windows of the Soul.
Maid Weapon: Her Whip.
Stress Explosion: Theft!
Succour's words are as Red (Well, 'Fire Brick' if you want to be precise) as her skin.