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    Spoiler: Character Sheet
    Quote Originally Posted by whoiam View Post
    Name: Hesi Arcanisstok Ixen Anhew di'wer Dian (usually referred to by humans as 'Dian', or it's common translation, 'Dawn'.)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Clan: Arbiter/To Be Named

    Spoiler: Dragon Form

    By dragon standards, Dian's long and very thin. Part of this is that she's clearly still going through adolescence, but even by those standards, she's lighter than she should be. If anything, she looks... underfed. (Which was, in fact, the case. It's not true anymore, but she hasn't had a chance to put the missing weight on because her body's busy going through its' second growth spurt.)

    Dian has dark yellow scales with large golden patches on them. The gold patches are significantly smoother - and harder - than the yellow. It gives her scales a very odd texture, were you to run a hand over them.

    Note: Probably not a great idea to try stroking her scales. Not unless you're sure you're thinking something that won't cause her to try setting you on fire.

    Spoiler: Human Form

    If Dian cleaned herself up, she'd be 'cute'. Not beautiful, like Aurora - just cute. There's nothing especially wrong with her appearance (apart from her human form mirroring her dragon form in looking painfully thin), but nothing too memorable either.

    Except her yellow eyes. But that's probably more weird than attractive.

    Sadly, Dian never generally reaches the level of 'cute'. This is because she's... 'aggressively indifferent' to her appearance. That's not to say she walks around looking and smelling like a dungheap, because her hygiene is pretty good. It's just that, without explicit orders to the contrary, she's the sort of person who would just throw some clothes on after bathing, and if her hair's damp and tangled and the clothes are drab, old and ill-fitting, what does she care?

    She is, however, particular about her gloves. Dian owns a pair of brown opera gloves and wears them more or less constantly. While she'd be the first to admit she doesn't much care about the style, those gloves represent her only means of interacting with others without being forced into reading their minds by every errant touch...

    Breath Weapons: Fire

    Strength: 1
    Agility: 5
    Endurance: 2
    Intelligence: 6
    Willpower: 4
    Magic: 2
    Charisma: 5

    Strengths: Intellect, Magic, Telepathy and Healing. Has more-or-less perfect recall. Strong knowledge of Human cultures.
    Weaknesses: Very weak (by Dragon standards). Poor endurance. Telepathy has no 'off' switch. Poor social skills. An aversion to physical contact with living creatures. Lacks knowledge of Dragons and Draconic culture.

    Fighting Proficiency (Human Form):
    • Tsu Mar (unarmed)
    • Quarterstaff (armed)
    • Longbow (Ranged)

    Fighting Style: Dian will basically never use Tsu Mar if she's got any alternative. She may be proficient, but accidentally reading your opponent's mind during combat is 'distressing'. And for her, it could happen each time she lands or blocks a blow... Instead she relies on her preferred quarterstaff and longbow to keep herself out of touching distance.

    Known Spells:
    • Translation (Magic that can be used to decipher magical inscriptions. As her magic stat increases I'm planning to have this one improve to 'allows magical comprehension of all languages' and then on to 'can understand and speak any language, written or verbal, magical or no'. In D&D terms, she's starting with Read Magic, and eventually developing it into Comprehend Languages, and then Tongues.)
    • Healing (Very slow, mechanical injury only, touch only. As she develops this magic, I'm expecting it to both speed up and increase the severity and types of injury or illness it can cure - picking up things such as curing disease, regenerating entirely lost body parts, counteracting poisons or toxins... but to start with, it's just healing plain injuries, so long as the body parts being healed are still a part of the main body. And she's willing to keep touching the person long enough to heal them.)
    • Create Flame

    Special Abilities:
    • Touch Telepathy (Triggered by body contact with other living creatures. Results in the reading of surface thoughts, as per the third round of a Detect Thoughts spell. Blocked by clothing.)
    • Photographic Memory
    • True Omnivore (Dian's digestive tract is less of a stomach and more a combination of chemistry lab and blast furnace. Dian can gain sustenance from even inorganic matter. Though it's probably best not to ask her what it tastes like...)

    Money: None. Dian will occasionally save up for something she really wants, but most of the time, were you to give her gold, she'd eat it. (When you consider where her scale colour comes from, you can probably understand why.)

    • Focus (mounted on a cheap silver Lariat necklace. Long enough to reach down to the vicinity of her human form's waist, and chosen specifically because it was long enough to fit comfortably around her draconic neck as well.)
    • Training Shadow
    • Longbow
    • Quarterstaff
    • Leather Armor
    • Backpack

    Spoiler: Background

    Concept and Background
    • A half-breed Seer and Arbiter Dragon, who inherited the signature ability of both breeds.
    • A natural (uncontrollable) telepath, the side effects of which gives her an aversion to physical contact with others.
    • Desperately wants to free her people (or at least herself) from being humanity's thralls.
    • Raised by a human master after humans found her egg. She doesn't know what happened to her parents, though considering her egg was on Illnora, she's got doubts that any news she did get would be good news.
    • Forced into using her telepathy regularly as a child, leading to her current dislike for socialising.

    • Learn the magic behind the dragon brands. Dian's contribution to the future of her people will, hopefully, be to find a way to remove their bindings, even without humanity's co-operation.
    • Reach Draconia. Unlike (most?) of the others, Dian was raised in Illnora, and dreams of reaching her people... under her own power... and as her own woman. That last one's looking like an issue, at least for the immediate future...

    • Known - Telepathy. Known to Dian and both her past and present Masters (the first forced her to admit it - while she admitted it to Bairn after her bought her her gloves. Whether he'd known beforehand or he'd just observed how much she hated touching people Dian doesn't know.)
    • Unknown - Dian's Ancestry. She's never met either parent, nor has she been exposed to enough draconic history to identify herself as an Arbiter/Seer crossbreed. (Due to the near-extinction of the Arbiters, and the reclusive nature of the Seers, the last known crossbreed was a *long* time ago.

    • Friendly - Talmar Di'Vichi, the 'legitimate merchant' who killed her first Master. Very much a scoundrel by human standards, but got along well with Dian because his opinion of humanity wasn't any better than his opinion of dragonkind. (That is, he would happily cheat and swindle both races.) She appreciates the honesty of his thoughts. Not enough to actually tell him she's telepathic, true, but then he's not the sort of person you should trust, even if you do like him.
    • Friendly - Master Bairn
    • Unfriendly - Xia'zethern, slave of the same master as Dian. She'd been angling to get the 'domestic' duties Dian kept getting (after all, even Dragons probably don't want to be stuck down a mine and forgotten...), but Dian won out every time. She doesn't know Dian's telepathic, so she doesn't know why it happened, and instead assumed she was doing something 'underhanded' to grab the most comfortable duties for herself. With their Master's assassination, his dragons were all sold off at market - and Xian and Dian were split up at that time. But Xian blaming Dian for her decade stuck doing heavy labour (and any abuses suffered at the hands of her new master, whoever it was...) isn't something that'll be going away anytime soon...

    • Business Deals. Many of them. Where her old master used to dress her up in a maid's outfit and make her serve refreshments, so she could 'accidentally' brush the other party's skin with her fingertips. Net result: He made out like a bandit thanks to her telepathy, and she got to spend her formative years reading the minds of people who, by and large, had less than complimentary opinions of dragons in general and her in particular.
    • Her first Master's death. Talmar had come to visit, and she was asked to check if the man was here to earn money. So she did. What she found was that he was... and that he'd made a deal to get it via poisoning said master. She only reported the first part - she wasn't under orders to look for assassination attempts, after all, was she? And the hardest part was restraining the urge to laugh until after he'd finished dying...
    • Master Bairn buying her from her previous master's estate. Master Bairn had not only been the first human to display actual altruism towards her during this - buying her her gloves after noticing how uncomfortable she was being touched by others - but even after she admitted to her telepathy, still made no attempt to exploit it. For this he'd have her loyalty, even if it wasn't magically compelled.

    Huh, I was thinking of the focus like a D&D Holy symbol, just a piece of something-or-other you hold while casting. Do I need to pick what Dian's is?

    Speech colour: Golden Rod, please!
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