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    Default Re: My first Tabletop Campaign and I get the PCs from Hades...

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus_Samma View Post
    Jesse asked me to bring in my copy of the Book of Vile Darkness to the next game.
    See, this is the definitive point where you went wrong. The textbook DM answer to a player asking for the Book of Vile darkness is to hit that player upside the head as hard as you possibly can, preferably with a large fish. When he comes to, tell him that the BoVD has a rule in it requiring the DM to hit a player that asks to see it. When the player wants to see the proof, hit him again.

    And female zombies are not "hot" no matter how much their clothing has deteriorated. They're room temperature. Plus, pieces keep falling off, which is a real downer.
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