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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight13 View Post
    The Martial Artist base class already exists in a third-party book by Goodman Games, called Beyond Monks: The Art of the Fight.
    Well I didn't know that nor do I realy care becuase its just a name and I've never heard of that book (but does it realy matter)

    Quote Originally Posted by ArmorArmadillo View Post
    3 bonus feats and a special ability at first level is way too many. Taking 1 level in this class is way too tempting. Otherwise, the power level needs to be ratcheted down.
    Well I see taking 1 level in this is too tempting as far as all the feats at level 1 so I am going to think over a good way to restrict this as far as abuse of the dip leveling in this class

    But when you say the power level needs ratcheting down what exactly do you mean?

    ((edit: I added the proficency list (forgot that earlier) and made the use of weapons and armor more restrictive even if you multiclass but i doubt that is to much of a pain in the butt
    I also got rid of the first level feat as it realy is not needed (I orginaly added it to allow it as a way to gain exotic weapon proficency so that you could have a exotic weapon as a favored weapon)) but with the changing of the rules you gain proficency with any weapon you choose as your favored so I dont realy see the extra feat being needed anymore (and yes i relize it could have been abusable) ))
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