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    Default Homebrew Compendium: Not all Artifacts are Epic

    I came up with a random idea today while generating things for my Pathfinder campaign. I've always had the idea that magic items should be special, +1 swords and +2 shields are fine, but why are they magical?

    So, I want to make a thread where we can come up with items that are unique like an artifact, but not immensely powerful like one, and that was actually created using the magic item pricing guidelines. They could be a variation on a wand of magic missile made by a specific mage, an ancient paladin's modified holy avenger, or a special item that you come up with completely on your own.

    The only requirement of this thread is that it be a magic item that includes game stats and a written history detailing either the creation of the item, things that the item has done, where the item is, or any combination of the three.

    The magic items can be for any edition, but the ones that I will be posting will be primarily for 3.5/PF (though I suppose you could adapt them to another edition if desired)

    I'll start with the first thing that came to mind when making this thread:

    Spoiler: Dagger of Freedom

    Dagger of Freedom
    This shining bronze knife is perfectly polished and shines as bright as a candle. Many nicks are present along the blade, as though it has been used often.
    The Dagger of Freedom is a Bronze +1 devil bane bronze dagger that, when on anyone's person, grants a +4 competence bonus to any escape artist checks, and can cast Divine Favor on the wielder as a 4th level cleric three times per day.
    Cost: 14,220 GP
    Creation: 7,060 GP, Craft Wondrous Arms & Armor, CL 8, Summon Monster 1, Magic Weapon, Divine Favor, Grease

    The unique artifact that is the Dagger of Freedom is the result of a priest whose true name has been lost to history, and a paladin who saved his life. Known as The Lightbringer, the paladin frequently made expeditions to the lower planes, exterminating creatures of darkness and freeing the damned souls that dwelt there.
    On one such adventure, he freed a priest from the pits of hell. The priest then collected one memento, a bronze knife used to torture him daily. Once brought back to the material plane, the priest used his powers to nullify the blade's wickedness, and hallowed it as a beacon of hope for those trapped and bound.

    The blade was offered as a gift to the Lightbringer, but was declined when the paladin said the priest may need it some day, in case the forces of hell tried to take him back.

    They did try to take the priest back once, sending a single spy and a small force of lemures but the knife warded them off easily, even in the hands of a cloistered priest such as this one. The priest kept the blade for emergencies, but it hung over his mantelpiece for many years before his death.

    Since then, it was passed down through the family, and eventually traded off to a newly trained Paladin in need of assistance. What has become of it since then is not known.
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