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illyahr's Song of Skill [Bardic Music]
You have learned a song which you sing to yourself to perform tasks of daring and success.
Prerequisites: Bardic Music, Perform 3 ranks.
Benefit: Select an ability score other than Charisma. You can expend one daily use of your bardic music ability as a swift action to perform a Song of Skill. For as long as you perform this song of skill, and for 1 minute afterwards, you gain a +3 bonus to all skill checks based on that ability score. This is considered a bardic music performance and follows the normal rules for them.

If you use Inspire Competence on a creature they gain a +3 competence bonus to all skill checks based upon the chosen ability score, this stacks with the +2 competence bonus from Inspire Competence if the inspired skill is based upon the chosen ability score.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times, each time you must choose a different ability score, but you do not have to choose which ability score to boost when you use the Song of Skill it instead boosts all skills associated with all chosen ability scores.
Ooooooh, like this very much.