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    Quote Originally Posted by Draconium View Post
    Oh hey, look. This is a thing again. Huzzah. I suppose I'll give my permission again if you feel like doing more dragon stuff or whatever....
    Alright Eeyore, won't pay you any head at all.

    Expanded Bardic Music

    Draconium's Song of Hoard Warding [Bardic Music]
    You have learned the ancient draconic songs of hoard warding those songs of the dragons that they used in the primal world to protect their hoards from the proto-humanoids that would eventually become elves.
    Prerequisites: Perform 6 ranks, and either Bardic Music or being a True Dragon.
    Benefit: You gain two new uses of bardic music. In the first you may perform while pacing around an area of up to one 5-ft square per rank in Perform you possess in a ritual that takes 10 minutes and one use of your bardic music ability. Once you have finished for the next 4 hours per bard level if any object within the area is removed from the area you are instantly mentally alerted to this fact (as if with an alarm spell) as long as you are on the same plane.

    In the second you may perform to an object for 1 full round and cause it to animate and follow you for as long as you sing. This costs one use of your bardic music ability and the object may be no larger than medium plus one size category per 4 bard levels. This object does not fight, it simply moves to remain as close to you as possible and takes no other actions. The object will follow you as long as you continue to sing and remain on the same plane taking the most direct route. If it runs into an impassable region it will attempt to detour around it to get to you. You must be adjacent to an object when you begin this song, or it must be within the warded area of this feat's first use. A locked door animated by this ability will not unlock itself to get to you, and the object may not be merely a portion of a larger intact object.
    Special: A true dragon with this feat may use its abilities 1/day per age category and uses their character level plus any bard levels in place of their bard level for its effects.
    Special: A 3rd level dragonblood bard may choose to gain the ability to perform these songs instead of Inspire Competence.
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