Chouko sits up in a daze, rubbing her head as the buzzing of a hangover weighs on her waking mind. She's... in an empty stable stall, hay and dirt serving as her bedding.


Actually, no, she remembered she stopped asking what drunk Chouko decided to do in a blackout.

She doesn't see Hasunaga around, but couldn't hurt to check. "Hey young old guy! Hasunaga? You in here?" There's the snorting of a horse in another stall. "We didn't screw, did we? 'cos you didn't strike me as a guy for amputations or cyborgs!"

(SSI grounds)

Prior to Koutarou jumping off to his sparring session, Momoka was following him quietly, standing in on the meeting with Castus, taking the various bits of information in. She gathered what Castus did, mind churning with the possibilities.

Speaking of which, the wallflower steps forward to address Castus after Koutarou leaves. It's almost as if she melded into the scenery. Did she use kyokko? Who can say.

"Vern. I'll not trouble you with questions, but I must say one thing before I leave." She's smiling calmly as usual. "Well played. Your plan worked quite well, and now we can spend time to recover and rebuild our government without outside interference. Which is a gift I hope we do not squander. I'm glad there are other capable members of this division who are not afraid to act." She gives a formal bow, and waits for a response before leaving.

She had things to catch up on.