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    Default [PTU, IC] big teej presents: Kanto Plus: Aftermath

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon. It should feel quite familiar, but don’t get too comfortable, the road between Pallet City and the Indigo Plateau is strewn with the shattered dreams and bodies of those who came before you… and failed miserably.

    You have been in Pallet City for a week, a once sleepy, unimportant dot on the map with no notable features of people aside from Professor Oak. However, in the past few years, Pallet Town has grown into a full-fledged city, made famous by being the hometown of the last 3 Grand Champions of the Pokemon League, as well as it’s involvement in what has become known as The Giovanni Incident.

    You have been waiting for Professor Oak to summon this year’s batch of aspirant trainers to his lab to hand out Starter Pokemon, selected for their ideal combination of ease of temperament and care, as well as being powerful enough to keep rookie trainers alive during the first few weeks of their journey. In addition to many Trainer’s first pokemon, Official League Trainers receive a Pokedex to help them catalogue their journey as well as assist in Professor Oak’s research.

    Today, is that day.
    Now…. Are you a boy, or a girl?

    Having completed your Ninja training, Koga has decided to further your education and skills by sending you on the traditional League Challenge. You have been sent to pallet town to register as an official trainer of the Pokemon league and be issued a pokedex by the revered Professor Oak. You may feel nervous leaving the relative safety of Fuschia city and its outskirts for the first time, but you are sure that Kasumi will be more than able to keep you safe.

    You have seen this day play itself out every day for the past 8 months. Each time it happened a little differently, but the key events remained the same, sticking out in your mind as tangible experiences, as real as tending the garden every day. You applied to become an official trainer, you were accepted, and now the time has come to begin your journey. You were escorted to Pallet town by your parents and one of the junior caretakers of Pokemon Tower – a young man taking his first steps on an entirely different journey. Once you were settled in safely, your escort departed and you have been left to your own devices.

    You arrive at Professor Oak’s lab amid a trickle of other aspiring trainers. You are stopped at the gate to the compound so one of the Trainers protecting Oak’s lab can check your paperwork, but you are sent through without incident. You are given strict instructions to proceed to the front door of the main building, where you can see several Scientist-looking types dressed in white lab coats standing around holding clipboards and chatting. The Trainer at the check point reminds you that if you have a pokemon with you, it is to remain in it’s pokeball for the duration of your visit.

    OOC: Players are free to introduce and describe themselves as they wish. You may detail what you have done for the past week if you like, converse with the trainer at the checkpoint, etc.
    Also, roll Perception and General Edu.
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