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IIRC I already have one but it is more username themed than my-GitP-persona themed. That said I would be more than happy to rearrange some phalanxes of artificial lifeforms according the the organizational structure provided by the Great and Powerful Zaydos.
(What can I do it's a request, also the snipped part actually fits perfectly with what I'd already thought of for you as showcased below)

The Unseen Makers

Symbol: The Unseen Makers symbol is a simple shoe with a gear upon its tongue, although in proper form its sole is only half attached some Unseen Makers wear shoes with the gear design on the tongue as a simple sign of their allegiance.

Background, goals, and dreams: The Unseen Makers love to create, it is their sworn vow to create life in construct form. They are dedicated to a series of one-upsmanship in which they create ever more complicated hordes of constructs without ever revealing their role in the sudden construct plague to the world outside of the organization.

This is related to the fact that the Unseen Makers were originally a group of gnomish and dwarven arcangineers, and a single silver dragon pretending to be a dwarf, who after a series of meetings began to compete with each other in the construction of constructs. The ancient dwarven city of Thironkir and its Marching Walls is an example of this excess. After a time, however, they decided two things, one that the resources required to do these ever expanding projects was bankrupting each of them and sometimes their entire nation, as showcased by the fall of Thironkir, and two that it had simply become a competition of resources and not skill and intellect. So they created a new rule: Anything which the world at large knows you created is null and void for their purposes. It was then and there they took the name the Unseen Makers.

Since then this loose knit group of bored mages have taken apprentices, brought in friends, and over time the Unseen Makers spread beyond this cabal of 8. While still a predominantly gnomish and dwarven group they've even allowed entry to ELVES and other races less abhorrent than elves. Still they keep their numbers small to avoid revealing their secret order's existence to the world at large.

The order's greatest dream and aspiration of course is to create the perfect construct and not as a one of a kind affair but as something produced in mass, though what that is they can't agree upon. The warforged are suggested as being close in ways, but lacking in true construct-ness and requiring too much assistance in their own creation.

Members: The Unseen Makers accept only those who have created at least one construct. As such non-mages are almost unheard of. It's not like someone can simply make a construct by sheer mastery of origami, no it takes a trained and adept mage. As such the Unseen Makers are an elite but small order.

Secrets: The very existence of the Unseen Makers is a secret. Beyond that in hushed whispers they claim to have created the warforged, and the continued appearance of warforged throughout the world can be accredited to three of their number. In addition the silver dragon Talzimon who helped found the Unseen Maker so many centuries ago is still alive, his twilight indefinitely delayed due to his ever increasing construct self-additions which may have interfered with his natural progression into great wyrm. His continued existence is kept a secret from other metallic dragons due to his horribly twisted and corrupt thoughts (Talzimon is True Neutral after all) and his creation of a sentient race for nothing more than an oversized game where in he then scattered them throughout the purpose with no true cause or purpose. Well Eberron has a reason for warforged. Insane silver dragon creating them as a lark because he fell in with gnomes is a better reason than I've seen given for most non-Eberron settings.

Type: Cabal.

Scale: 8.

Affiliation Score Criterion: A character may not be a member of the Unseen Makers unless they demonstrate the ability to create at least semi-permanent constructs. Astral constructs and other constructs which fade within mere minutes are not considered. They must also discover that the Unseen Makers exist or be told by a teacher, friend, or associate who happens to be part of the order.

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character Level: +1/2 character level
Craft Construct +2
3 other Item Creation feats +1
10 or more ranks in Knowledge (arcana) +2
10 or more ranks in Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +1
20 or more ranks in Knowlege (arcana) +4
Created an iron golem +2
Created a living construct +3
Revealed your membership in the Unseen Makers to the world -6
Multiple Use
Created 5 constructs in secret +1/3 the lowest CR of the 5
Created a type of construct never before created by you (in the case of templates such as effigy or elder eidolon only 1/template) +1
Invented a new variety of construct +3
Go 3 months without creating a construct -1
Reveal another's membership in the Unseen Makers to the world -4
Miss one of the biannual conclaves -1

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: The Unseen Makers while technically not having a strict leader do expect junior members to follow the Grand Makers and Great Makers. To increase in rank one must convey one's accomplishments to their fellows at one of the biannual conclaves of the Makers and be voted the next rank.

Affiliation Score Title, Benefits, and Duties
3 or less Pariah: It is almost impossible to be a member with this low of an affiliation score, either this is a secondary or tertiary affiliation for you, or you have done something to seriously anger the other Makers.
4-10 Maker: Through connections and favors from the other Makers you can procure craftsman to make the physical body of a construct at 80% the normal cost to hire someone to make it for you.
11-15 Learned Maker: You can emulate up to 1 spell in the creation of a construct as long as that spell has a spell level no higher than 1/2 your character level.
16-22 Adept Maker: You can create constructs in 2/3 the regular time.
23-29 Great Maker: Your skills are masterful. Constructs you create gain a +1 competence bonus to attack rolls and damage with their natural weapons.
30+ Grand Maker: Your skills are legend and you're 1/3 to 1/2 as respected as an insane silver dragon. Constructs you create cost only 1/2 the normal XP.

Executive Powers: Craft (counts as Scale 19 for this purpose), Pariah, and Research.