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You arrive at Professor Oaks lab amid a trickle of other aspiring trainers. You are stopped at the gate to the compound so one of the Trainers protecting Oaks lab can check your paperwork, but you are sent through without incident. You are given strict instructions to proceed to the front door of the main building, where you can see several Scientist-looking types dressed in white lab coats standing around holding clipboards and chatting. The Trainer at the check point reminds you that if you have a pokemon with you, it is to remain in its pokeball for the duration of your visit.
A young man walks through the streets of Pallet at a leisurely pace eventually finding himself on the outskirts of Oak's Laboratory. His eyes move across the faces of the trainers and pokemon that have gathered here as he approaches the Trainer stationed at the gate.

"Mornin'." I nod my head toward the Trainer. " I guess you want to see these huh?" I reach into my pocket pull out my paperwork which I hand over for inspection.

After my paperwork is returned. "So is there a reason why Pokemon aren't allowed outside of their Pokeballs here?"

After my conversation with the Trainer I walk up to the front door of the main building, keeping to the outskirts of the trainers gathered there but in a place where I can get a view of everything that's happening.

Perception: 9*

Gen. Edu.: 6*

OOC: Tyson is a 18 year old male with dark skin, short black hair, and deep brown eyes. He stands at 5'7" and has a lean/athletic build. An official Pokemon League hat colored blue, white, and black currently rests backwards on his head. He wears a blue sleeveless hoodie with white trim over a plain white t-shirt. A large stylized image of the Soul Badge engulfed in a white flame decorates the back of the hoodie. His loose fitting belt barely manages to hold up his black cargo shorts which cover the ends of his blue athletic socks where his knees begin. He sports a pair of blue, white, and black sneakers on his feet that also appear to be suited for running. (they are not running shoes mechanically)

*giantitp won't let me link my rolls until I've posted at least 10 times. Each roll can be found on orokos however.