Cassandra looks up at the guard with wide eyes as he explains the rules to her, nodding as he ends each sentence. When he says that pokemon are to remain in their pokeballs, she struggles to find her houndour's ball in the silly bag her parents had given her. What was it called again? A backpack.. yes, that was it. A silly bag that you couldn't easily access when you had it on properly.

When she finally manages to find the pokeball that had somehow fallen to the bottom of her bag, she recalls Raum, holding the white premier ball close to her chest. Cassandra has the same sorts of struggles when the trainer asks for her paperwork, attempting to keep Raum's pokeball in her hand while she rummages through her backpack. She bows formally to the guard after he checks everything, her neck and back ramrod straight as she's learned from a young age.

After the trainer gives her paperwork back, she decides to place it in the front pocket of her bag so she can't lose it again. After a brief moment of consideration, Raum's pokeball follows. She proceeds toward the Scientists.

Roll the Perceptions!: 12
Roll the General Educations!: 4

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Cassandra is an average looking 19 year old girl. Average height, average build, average brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes, however, are what makes her stand out. One is the same chestnut brown as her hair. The other is a bright jade green. She's deeply tanned from working in the temple garden. Today, she's dressed in a light gray, long-sleeved shirt and red kapri pants. Her tennis shoes feels weird on her feet, but her mother assured her that these would be what she want to wear instead of her sandals.