Noticing your confusion, the Guard again directs Cassandra to the group of researchers and mentions that she'll be sorted into a group based on what she needs.

Spoiler: Perception/General Edu results
You're not entirely sure why, but you observe that the Lab Compound is positively crawling with trainers, trainers that you know are not here to see Professor Oak, they patrol the compound with grimset faces and clenched fists, watching you and the other trainers. Several more loitering near the entrances of other buildings in the compound, and a handful are on hand ushering the incoming aspirants to the main lab. None of them stand out to you, posssessed of a uniform demeanor and temperment.

When you reach the clump of trainers and researchers at the door, it becomes apparent that people are being sorted. There are a handful of researchers with clipboards talking quietly with the assembled trainers, occasionally calling out a name over the conversation. The other researchers are leading small groups of trainers into the building where they quickly disappear down a hallway or through a door. It would seem that trainers are being sorted based on if they need to be given a starter and pokedex, need to register a Pokemon and receive a pokedex, or just need to acquire a pokedex as they have a registered pokemon already.

Since your pokemon is a family pet, it likely hasn't been registered for official league use, and you need a pokedex from Professor Oak.

The line is moving at a fair pace, and within moments your name is called by one of the clipboard wielding researchers, he quickly confirms your name and the status of your pokemon and indicates you should follow another researcher nearby, he stands off to the side, hands in his pockets, you can see 3 pokeballs on his belt (2 Basic and a Heavy) surrounded by a handful of other trainers.

The Clipboard Wielder tells this new researcher to "Go ahead and take the next group in, Auditorium 3." The researcher in charge of your group nods and gestures for you to follow him...

Once inside, he leads you through a door and down several winding hallways until finally your group reaches another plain door, there is a placard on the wall next to the door, but a cloth hangs over it. The researcher opens the door and gestures for you to proceed inside.

The room looks like a large classroom set up like an amphitheater, tables are set up in large steps down into the front of the room which is a single, open space. The room is about a quarter full of other trainers. Some turn and look at your group entering, others are too engrossed in conversation or with their own private thoughts. At the front of the room is a large table with a cloth over it, as well as a large, hexagonal machine with a spherical socket in the top of it. Standing next to the table is an older man who you immediately recognize as Professor Oak.

Behind Oak, and off to the side is another man leaning against the wall, arms crossed. He is a few years older than your cohort. He is wearing denim shorts and a black shirt with a chain vest over it. He has dark blue hair in a ponytail down his back. A Poliwrath leans against the wall next to the man, mimicking his pose. Floating over his opposite shoulder is a Koffing, both pokemon stare at the assembled trainers.

OOC: you have a few minutes to find a seat and maybe chat with another trainer if you wish, the room is empty enough that you can find a seat basically wherever. Also, second chance at General Edu.