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    The room looks like a large classroom set up like an amphitheater, tables are set up in large steps down into the front of the room which is a single, open space. The room is about a quarter full of other trainers. Some turn and look at your group entering, others are too engrossed in conversation or with their own private thoughts. At the front of the room is a large table with a cloth over it, as well as a large, hexagonal machine with a spherical socket in the top of it. Standing next to the table is an older man who you immediately recognize as Professor Oak.

    Behind Oak, and off to the side is another man leaning against the wall, arms crossed. He is a few years older than your cohort. He is wearing denim shorts and a black shirt with a chain vest over it. He has dark blue hair in a ponytail down his back. A Poliwrath leans against the wall next to the man, mimicking his pose. Floating over his opposite shoulder is a Koffing, both pokemon stare at the assembled trainers.

    OOC: you have a few minutes to find a seat and maybe chat with another trainer if you wish, the room is empty enough that you can find a seat basically wherever. Also, second chance at General Edu.
    Tyson shrugs. "Should've expected that...", he laughs as he speaks quietly to himself.

    Gen. Edu.: 11

    Tyson moves across the room at a measured pace. He quickly studies the people gathered in the auditorium, making note of anyone who stands out.

    So if that's Professor Oak... then who's this guy? he looks at man flanked by his two Pokemon as he takes his seat in the front row.

    "Hey Professor, I thought we were instructed to keep our Pokemon in their Pokeballs?"

    He nods his head toward the man and his Pokemon as he leans back in his seat and kicks his feet up.
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