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    Default Re: [PTU, IC] big teej presents: Kanto Plus: Aftermath


    Spoiler: 1, 2, 3, Duh! (General Edu Results)

    No sooner than those words leave your lips than you realize who the blue haired man is, you didn't recognize him without his trademark bandanna and unique weapon. This is Sergei, the Pallet City Gym Leader


    Professor Oak smiles and glances at the blue haired man. "That's Correct." he says. "Applicants are required to keep their pokemon stowed away in the interest of safety and security. This requirement doesn't apply to members of my security team, nor to Sergei, who has been requested by the Pokemon League to be present for each year's New Trainer Sendoff*. At the risk of being morbid, Sergei here is my last line of defense against those who would put my research to foul ends, or steal new technology or rare pokemon from my lab."

    Professor Oak shifts his attention to the back of the room and asks the researcher if this is everyone. Oak's Aide flips through some papers attached to his clipboard and then says "Yes, Professor. All other applicants were sorted into the other two groups." The aide then disappears out the door.

    "Excellent, Excellent." Oak says, moving towards the center of the floor, his excitement visible in his posture and the smile tugging at his face.

    "Now, normally I would bore you with a speech about hopes and dreams and the nature of pokemon and we'd go through the nerve-wracking and joyous occasion of distributing starter pokemon to each of you. However, each of you have already acquired your first partner pokemon in some fashion. So in addition to not having to sit through one of my lectures and having to endure a lottery for your starter, you'll have the added advantage of getting a brief head-start on the other two groups.... we have 2 orders of business and then we can set you off proper on your Pokemon Journey!"

    Professor Oak then turns and goes back over to the table and pulls the cloth off with a flourish. Laying in neat rows on the table are shiny Pokedexes and a single clipboard. Professor Oak takes up the clipboard and a pen and moves to stand by the large hexagonal machine, which has the girth of a barrel and comes up to Oak's waist.

    "All we have to do is ensure each of you are registered properly to the league, along with your pokemon, and register your pokedex to you. so if you'll bear me for a moment... As I call your name, come up front and select a pokedex and place your partner's ball into the socket, this will register you, your pokemon, and your pokedex to the Pokemon League as an Officially Sanctioned Trainer."

    Oak then turns his attention back to the clipboard and reads aloud.

    "Lucille" - a girl sitting about half way up on the right side of the auditorium leaps out of her seat and practically skips down the aisle to the professor. She wears a knee length skirt over black leggings, with a green long-sleeved shirt, a bright yellow backpack, and pigtails completing her ensemble. She places a basic ball into the socket and picks up a pokedex, both machines "Ping" loudly and Oak tells her to return to her seat.

    more names are called, Cassandra ends up being about 10 names in, with Tyson being 7 names after that.

    After everyone has been called, Professor Oak looks around the room and asks if anyone's name wasn't called. Two hands in the back go up. Sergei visibly tenses.

    Professor Oak frowns and asks the two trainers to state their names.

    "Morrigan Mullach" - A woman with a robust figure wearing a heavy skirt with dark purple hair.

    "Irvine" - a younger boy, wearing dark glasses and what looks suspiciously like a military uniform - though bereft of any insignia or rank pins.

    Oak scratches at his stubble and then flips through the papers on his clipboard "oh, here you are, quite sorry, please, come forward."

    Sergei glares at Oak, but visibly relaxes.

    with the last two trainers returned to their seats, Oak prepares to dismiss the group

    Sergei speaks up "Professor, you're forgetting."

    Professor Oak looks up from his clipboard with a blank expression before looking at Sergei and saying "hm?"

    "The new thing." Sergei replies.

    you see the light-bulb go off over Oak's head as he turns around, gesturing at the assembled trainers with his pen. "Quite Right. Due to an unusual spike in fatalities over the past two years, the Pokemon League has mandated that new trainers be paired off at the start of their journey. You will be required to stay with your fellow trainer until you check in at Viridian City, at which point if you wish, you are free to go your separate ways. Be Careful, however. Should you arrive in Viridian city without your partner, your Status as an official trainer will be suspended until next year, and you'll have to through this all over again."

    Oak skims through the names, seemingly picking teams out at random.

    "Cassandra!" He calls, looking up and around the room. Spying the young Oracle in the front row, he looks back down at his clipboard, "you are paired with... Tyson!"

    before long all the other trainers in the room are paired up and you are escorted from the lab by another of Oak's aides.

    You are now outside the Lab compound.... what do you do?

    OOC: sorry for the massive wall of text, the space-time continuum is somewhat malleable here, if something is said or done that you feel you would have responded to, please do so. I didn't want to drag this out over multiple posts unless necessary.

    *it is worth 3 trainer xp to come up with a better name for the annual sending off of new trainers on their journey through the pokemon league. but only if it sticks.
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