Keepers of the Hoard (Draconium)

Symbol: A draconic claw grasping a spheroid pile of golden coins.

Background, goals, and dreams: Across the planes there is only one thing that dragons can agree upon. Killing a dragon to loot its hoard is wrong. There are other acceptable reasons to kill a dragon and of course a slain dragon's hoard ought to be incorporated into your own, but that's a different story, and territorial disputes happen. But then there are those who simply kill dragons for their hoards. Or not quite as bad but thieves and burgling halflings that would rob a dragon of their hoard. These humanoids interloping in the matters of dragons out of sheer greed for wealth, which the instinctual need for a hoard is of course an absolutely different thing than mere humanoid greed, had to be stopped. Golds and reds agreed, bronze and black, brass and blue, only silver and copper dragons vaguely objecting of the ten prime species, but they were silenced because their statements were inane (alright, gnomes bring your hoard back when the prank is over we're not talking about gnomish pranksters) or simply objectively wrong and tainted with too much time pretending to be human (no, human greed and hoarding instinct are not similar).

So the keepers of the hoard were born from a (mostly) united front of dragon kind. They were, and are, an order dedicated to the eradication of dirty, usually halfling, hoard thieves (where do they keep getting those rings of invisibility?), and those who would kill dragons to steal their hoards. To this end they kill hoard thieves (or in the case of chromatic dragons kill hoard thieves and their extended family/home villages), create new defensive guardian creatures for draconic hoards ranging from constructs to magical beasts to even certain unnaturally created elementals, create new spells (who did you think invented the alarm spell), and a variety of other methods.

To this day they have continued to act against hoard thieves and dragon hunters. Together the Keepers of the Hoard make the world safe for dragons of all kinds and colors.

Members: Members of the Keepers of the Hoard are primarily true dragons, although they also include other varieties of dragons, and their dragonblooded servitors. They range in alignment from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil, and in methods, but agree that a dragon's hoard is a sacred thing. In the years since their founding even many silver dragons have come around to the Keepers' way of thinking and joined the order.

Secrets: In addition to having created hoard guardian spider and hoard elementals, the Keepers of the Hoard are ashamed to admit that they were behind the extensive breeding program which transformed the rodent-esque race of least goblinoids known as kobolds into their current form.

Type: "Fighting Company."

Scale: 19.

Affiliation Score Criterion: A character must possess the dragonblood subtype or dragon type to be a Keeper of the Hoard, characters who lack the dragon type have their affiliation score increases beyond 15 halved.

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character Level: +1/3 character level
Dragon racial hit dice +1/3 hit dice to a maximum of age category
Charisma 21+ without magical bonuses +2
Dragonblood subtype -3
Breath Weapon +1
Seniority +1/100 years of membership
Patronage of a draconic deity (cleric, PrC that requires them as patron, dragonborn) +2
Hoard +1/10,000 GP worth of gems, coins, or trade goods (as opposed to useful items)
Killed a fellow Keeper to steal their hoard -infinite, followed by excommunication and death followed by reanimation to serve as the guardian of another dragon's hoard.
Multiple Use
Brought the thieves of a hoard to justice +1
Slew dragon slayers +2/band
Returned stolen hoard to its owner +2
Stole a hoard -15
Sheltered hoard thieves from justice -5
Sheltered dragon slayers from those who would slay them in return -8

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: To rise in rank in the Keepers of the Hoard one must simply let the information of one's deeds and loyalty to the cause, or one's sheer power and wealth, spread throughout their information network. All Keepers are expected to provide aid to fellow members, or non-members, dealing with hoard thieves and those who would make a name for themselves as dragonslayers (those who merely slew a dragon in self-defense are not considered dragon slayers unless they brag of it and make an ass of themselves).

Affiliation Score Title, Benefits, and Duties
3 or less None.
4-10 Copper: You gain a +6 bonus on Appraise checks.
11-15 Silver: As long as you have a hoard (an accumulation of pure wealth with no practical purpose beyond its use as capital) worth at least 900 GP and commune with it daily you gain a +1 resistance bonus to saving throws, if it is worth 3,600 GP this increases to +2, if it is worth 8,100 GP to +3, 14,400 GP to +4, and at maximum if it is worth at least 22,500 GP a +5.
16-22 Gold: You can know at a glance what is missing or has been disturbed within your hoard.
23-29 Platinum: The maximum bonus to saving throws due to your hoard increases to +7; it becomes +6 at 39,600, +7 at 56,000, and +8 at 70,400 GP.
30+ Draconium: You know instantly if your hoard is disturbed regardless of the distance (even across planes), and instantly know what, if anything, has been taken from it. You are most likely agree when your hoard sense tingles.

Executive Powers: Crusade, Terrorize, and War.