After Oak tells Tyson about Sergei Cassandra suppresses a laugh when the boy in her row seems to realize who the blue-haired man is.

After Oak's speech She's a little disappointed with how short Professor Oak's speech is. She'd been hoping for a lot more information, but she'll have to make due with what she already knows.

As name after name is called, Cassandra gets more and more nervous. What if her father hadn't gotten her paperwork her in time? What if she'd filled out her paperwork wrong! Then her name is called. The Oracle finds Raum's pokeball in her bag. Her heart pound in her chest as as come to the front of the room. She can feel all the eyes on her back, as well as the Professor's and the gym leader's. As she gets to the front of the room, she bows to Sergei, then bows more deeply to Professor Oak. She picks a bright red Pokedex and places Raum's premier ball in the machine. After the machine does its thing, she returns to her seat and breathes a sigh of relief.

She doesn't really pay attention again until the Professor starts talking about having trainers partner up. She's excited to hear who she will be with. It would be nice to have a partner who knows way more about the outside world than she does. And then she hears Tyson's name. She looks up to see who that is, since he hadn't gone before her. Annnndddd it's that guy... the one that'd questioned the Professor about the gym leader of Pallet City having his pokemon out. Great.

As the Aide leads them out of the Lab and points them toward the edge of the the compound, Cassandra waits for her new partner to make the first move. She releases Raum as soon as they're outside the fence though. She'd been missing her shadow. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had to keep him in his pokeball so long.